30.09.2016 News

Gameview: Zenith

The developers claim that they took their inspiration from oldschool masterpieces while making Zenith. Did they manage to holdd the position?

It’s hard to define the genre. Something like indie RPG. The game is so straight, you can see it with bare eyes. The protagonist makes his way through Hagelfaust mountains, meeting unusual enemies: aggressive elves, singing spiders and blood-thursty snowmen, whom we will have to kill with what we can find in chests.
The story is no revelation. The protagonist gets captured by elves, trying to accomplish the mission by finding an extremely important book, that will open the doors of Temperus temple. The main charachter, as much as his companions, can be charachterized as sarcastic.
Zenith_2Don’t be surprised, when you won’t find any settings. There is none! Noone can set neither graphics, nor sound. And the background music is really loud. It’s odd, considering the year of release.

But what’s most scary is that the game is literarly primitive. It might be interesting by its humour, if it wasn’t for the 2nd grade of highschool level. Yes, there are a lot of funny dialogues and scenes, but nothing more. It seems like the game was developed by students, who wanted to try themselves with game development. And they failed.

Long story short, it’s an apology for a game. Not worthi it’s money, even though it’s not much to ask for.