6.09.2016 News

Gameview: The Final Station

August 30, Tiny Build presented The Final Station game in Steam. The game was in development for 2.5 years. In this period, The Final Station got a Grand Prize award on developers’ conference DevGamm. On the release date it was sold 10 thousand times, including pre-orders.

106 years ago, the world survived in the first coming of zombielike monsters. Humanity went through this, but in the game, the threat of instinction came back. We will become the engine driver of BELUS-07 train, that was dragged into a misterious chain of unpleasant events, connected to the “second coming”. We will unlock new stations and search them, looking for proviant and supplies to keep the train in order, so you can save the survivors.


The game itself is a beautiful adventure of a machinist in a post-apocalyptic world with a very pleasant visuals, music, atmosphere and refference. Even though it posesses a trivial machanics, the developers managed to make the game last enough, so it doesn’t bore you.