24.08.2016 Testing games

Focus-test Dead by Daylight

In order not to waste human power, describing what focus-testing is, we would like to to recommend a few articles (but be careful, it’s in Russian), devoted to this topic. Worry not about the age of these articles. Nothing changed since then, so they are still actual.

If one doesn’t want to dig into focus-testing procedures, but still interested in Dead by Daylight, (after reading our review and performance articles), let’s get to it. Our main goals are: study reaction and opinions of exerienced players on all parts of the game. We are interested in every aspect of the game: tutorial, all game modes, visual and sound parts, interface and charachter customization… In short terms, just like always. We’ve already tested Сrossout and The Culling. As usual, no one played Dead by Daylight before the focus-test.


Members of focus-test

  • Participants: 10
  • Sex: 10 — male, 0 — female
  • Average age: 22 y.o.

Conditions of focus-testing

  • Instructions
  • Tutorial mode
  • ‘Be a Survivor’ mode
  • ‘Be a Killer’ mode
  • Loadout menu customization
  • Feedback and conclusions

General measurements: *

MeasurementAverage value
General impression4
‘Be a Survivor’4
‘Be a Killer’4,1
Loadout. Bloodweb4,1
Loadout. Customization3,4
Replayability 4,2

* according to five-point grading scale.

General impression on Dead by Daylight is positive. The strongest points are: fresh gameplay and atmosphere, which perfectly reflects being both victim and hunter. The weakest points was called the monotonous style of playing for survivors.

The Tutorial mode created a strong dissonance among the focus-group. The tutorial itself was not a part of the gameplay, but videos. Despite that fact, it works well and gamers have no questions after watching.

Playing a victim seemed fascinating for everyone. Grim picture on the screen and inevitability of death, as the killer comes were claimed a strong point. However, the necessity of constant fixing of generators isn’t the best idea. The focus group suggested having a voice-chat, working within a certain distance radius, which would create an even more realistic feeling, to our mind.

Be a killer mode was spoiled by a poor matchmaking system. Many times, unexperienced, low-level maniac was put into a game session together with survivors a few dozens of levels higher. Also, victims, communicating with each other and working as a team leave no chances to a poor serial killer.

Bloodweb loadout system was easy to understand for our focus-group. Participants think that it is very well integrated into the game itself. The disadvantage was lack of notifications about items being lost after a match.

Customization was a good idea, though it’s realization lacks variants. There still are same charachters on the screen, which doesn’t let killers differentiate them.

Controls also didn’t bring any confusion into the game. Everything was plain and intuitive. We took a good look on it during our gamepad test below.

The focus group valued interface positively. It seem pretty simple for players in a good way. Suits perfectly for the game and genre in general.

All participants wish there was more animation for charachters and their execution. And blood. It is never enough blood for games like this.

The sound was highly valued by our focus-group. Every member liked it. Increasing the heartbeat, as the maniac is coming closer helps us to dive into the atmosphere of survival and horror. Effects make us watch out for every bit of a sound indeed.

Our group claims the project to be replayable and captivating. All wished to play more, noting that they would definately recommend this game to their friends.

Gamepads usability testing.

For now, Dead by Daylight lives on PC only and it looks like the developers spend all their time and forces on it. They release regular patches, add new content. Recently, there was a patch 1.0.5 and then1.1.0 has come with new killers, victims and a map. So far, there is no haste to move to consoles. Well, at least there are no news about that.

Despite the fact that Dead by Daylight is a PC exclusive, to some of our gamers, it was more comfortable to play with a gamepad, than with a keyboard. So we thought “Why won’t we make a useability test for gamepads?” These are what some of our people are used to. So we did it.

For usability test we are choose following controllers:

Xbox 360 Controller

Xbox One Controller

Logitech Gamepad F310

DualShock 4

Steam Controller

MeasurementAverage value
XBox 360 Controller4,1
XBox One Controller3,3
Logitech Gamepad F3102,7
DualShock 44,8
Steam Controller (default configuration)3,6
Steam Controller (custom configuration)3,8
Keyboard and mouse4,3

* according to five-point grading scale.

There is no option to customize controls on a gamepad in the game, but for Steam Controller. You can see these controls below.



The strongest point of this controller, according to our opinion is it’s ergonomics. The only disadvantage is low-axis speed.

Opinions on XBox One Controller are quite contraversive. Three participants clamed sticks to be insensible, which was a problem during the game. RB and LB position also seemed to be uncomfortable.

Logitech F310 gamepad wasn’t welcome by our focus-group.Gamers found that it doesn’t fit hands, sticks are too close to each other and uncomfortable. They are also too sensible.

Nine out of ten participants of our test called DualShock 4 the best controller of all tested. It is ergonomic and comfortable to play with. Sticks are sensible and well-placed. Playing was all about pleasure.

Playing with Steam Controller was different for everyone. This is because of the fact that the controller is unknown for most people and it’s ergonomics is quite fresh. All think differently about changing the left stick to a sensor pad. As a default configuration, one of standard pre-sets was taken.


Custom configuration seems to have worked better for us, though didn’t achieve any unseen heights. One of the best things in this controller is the opportunity to bind keys by wish.

The keyboard and mouse combination was simple to all players.

There wasn’t even a quiestion about most comfortable controller . The undisputed winner is keyboard+mouse combination. It was chosen by a half of our participants. XBox 360 and DualShock 4 gamepads both have 2 votes. One participant claimed custom configuration of Steam Controller as the best choice.

As a PC-exclusive, Dead by Daylight supports keyboard and mouse, of course. But those, who prefer gamepads won’t feel uncomfortable at all. Even though there is no opportunity to customize them, the game supports gamepads and that is already great. Anyway, keyboard binding appeared only a few days ago in 1.1.0.