ANASTASIA ZHURAVLEVA: “Knowledge of english is a necessity and common courtesy”

BYTEX is the largest exporter of IT services in Mordovia. A lot of orders come from abroad. Our partners are companies located around the world. For successful communication with our foreign customers we use English language, which is the language of international communication. That’s why it’s very important that all the employees of BYTEX speak English on a decent level and constantly improve their skills in interpreting and understanding their objectives competently. For this purpose we have organized free English courses in Bytex and they have already been in effect for five years.

A teacher from The Training and Staff Development Department Anastasia Zhuravleva tells about the importance of learning English, the structure of English lessons and student success in this article.

“ANASTASIA ZHURAVLEVA: “Knowledge of english is a necessity and common courtesy””

BYTEX shares experience with our colleagues from Yakutia

This week in BYTEX testing skills are being mastered by the delegates from The College of Technology Infrastructure that is a part of North-Eastern Federal University. The five-day course based on the knowledge that is the result of long-term work on software quality control includes both theoretical and practical parts. Having mastered them, IT specialists from Yakutia will be able not only share their new experience in testing with their students but also defend the honor of their college at Worldskills Russia.

“BYTEX shares experience with our colleagues from Yakutia”

BYTEX hosted the “Day of Digital Education in Games”.

The event was attended by specialists from the IT industry, representatives of the education system and relevant ministries. BYTEX employees and invited guests held a series of lectures on game development and game design. Issues of interaction and cooperation between educational platforms and business were also discussed during the meeting.

“BYTEX hosted the “Day of Digital Education in Games”.”