18.05.2016 News

DevGAMM 2016

On May 12-13, in Moscow took place developers’ conference, named DevGamm. Every year, this event attracts more visitors. This time, members of Microsoft, Twitch, CD Project Red, Nintendo, Epic Games and other companies came to the conference with their reports.
“DevGAMM 2016”

13.05.2016 Dan's diary

Dan and Batman

At first sight, tester Dan and billionaire Bruce Wayne have nothing in common. One lives in a gigantic mansion, drives Lamborghini Aventador and Batmobile… Another rents a prefab and goes to work by a bus, or on a bycicle. Unlike Gotham’s rich kid, Dan hasn’t got a yacht, filled with Russian ballet girls. Nor has he a kevlar suit or a Batcopter…

“Dan and Batman”

Crossout. Focus-test and perfomance

About the game

Crossout is an aggressive PvP/PvE car oriented MMO-action game in a postapocalyptic world. The game looks very promising. It has got an editor mode with almost unlimited opportunities, a variety of armored vehicles, advanced destruction model, a wide range of firearms, all possible body kits, such as saws, drills and disk saws. Experienced publisher and developer inspire trust. In other words, we are all set for some desert madness!

We haven’t only discussed the game in the most detailed preview in runet, but also recorded a let’s play. In this article we are going to describe the results of our focus test and check the performance on common configurations. Let’s get to it!


First of all, a few lines about what focus test is. This is a test for a focus group, the purpose of which is to predict the reaction of players on the product itself and it’s parts: graphics, sound, useability of interface, difficluty, entrance level etc.
The aim of our focus test was to gather opinions of experienced players on basics of Crossout. The personal opinion of one player and the sum of answers of a devil’s dozen are two different things, all in all.
“Crossout. Focus-test and perfomance”

10.05.2016 Testing games

Crossout. Preview

Platform: PC (Windows)
Game Engine: Hammer Engine
Genre: MMO-Action
Developer: Targem Games
Publisher: Gaijin Entertainment
Game Mode: Multiplayer (PvP/PvE)
Release Date: 2016
Early Access: April 5, 2016
Price: Free-to-Play
Official web-site: http://crossout.net/ru

My name is Max. My world is fire. And blood.
«Mad Max: Fury Road»

A slow truck caught under the fire of a pod of adroit buggies. It has already started to lose it’s armor… One of the chasers was torn apart as the driver fired with a missile. It was too late though. Rear wheels fell off under the hundreds of bullets and the bottom of the car has gone into sand. The last thing that driver saw was the dozer blade coming up. It was the third minute of a heat in Crossout.

Targem Games from Ekaterinburg will celebrate it’s 15-th birthday next year. It has a decent experience in game developing of over a dozen different projects. The strongest point of this studio have always been racing games. Older generation of gamers can remember Ex Machina, younger players had seen Sledgehammer and Insane sequel. The smallest ones know BlazeRush. It’s fair to say that we all grew up with Targem!

“Crossout. Preview”

27.04.2016 Dan's diary

Welcome, Dan!

Dan is Junior Game Tester. He thought he knew all about the games!
It turned out that testing process is really hard, painstaking work requiring wide knowledge, savvy, perseverance and other qualities.

Let’s look at the first day in QA.