9.01.2017 News

New Conan videos

While we were on holidays, Funcom worked their hands off. And all this time we kept our eyes on their child – Conan Exiles. And developers do have something to show. The end of the month is closer and closer, together with Steam Early Access release.
“New Conan videos”

9.01.2017 News

Bytexstrean: Tyranny

Clear your schedule, gentlemen. January 10, 8 pm PST we will be playing Tyranny. Beware that there will be violence and cruelty. We came here to bring Kyros’s will and so be it. The court will begin in time, so don’t miss it. Otherwise, you will face the true power of a fatebinder.

9.12.2016 News

Bytexstream: Watch Dogs

We really wanted to stream Guitar Hero Live, but copyright policies couldn’t allow us to do that. Fortunately, we always have a backup plan. So here is us playing Watch Dogs! We just wanted to make up our minds on the original game, eventually. Is this really such an awful game or not?
“Bytexstream: Watch Dogs”

6.12.2016 News

Bytexstream: Guitar Hero Live

We’re back and ready to show you something great. Tomorrow, December 6, at 8 pm PST we will happy to stretch our fingers and play Guitar Hero Live! Stay tuned to our twitch-channel and get ready for some sleepy music!

21.11.2016 News

Bytexstream: Doom

Hey there! Nice news, gentlemen! We are switching to PST time! This Wednesday we will be streaming DOOM at 8 p.m. PST just for you guys, to be comfortable. Stay tuned and keep up with our twitch channel. Please, bring us joy as we try to do for you. Beware that it will be 7 a.m. for us here, so our emotions may be a little… overwhelming…