31.05.2016 News


Last year Piranha Bytes announced it’s new project called Elex. The company is known by it’s Gothic and Risen game series. For almost a year fans have been gathering whits of information about the game. Back then, we knew that the game takes place in a completely new post-apocalyptic world. A player will have a wide range of weapons: from swords and axes to plasma-guns and flamethowers.

31.05.2016 News

What’s on E3 2016

We’re getting closer and closer to sleepless nights of E3 translations day after day. This event attracts not only game industry media, but news agencies from all over the world. Today, we will try to predict what we will see on the upcoming conference.
“What’s on E3 2016”

26.05.2016 News

Microsoft says goodbye to Finland

Two years ago Microsoft purchased Nokia company for 7.2 billion dollars. At that time buisness of the giant of smartphone production didn’t go so well. People were waiting for smartphones to move from Symbian OS to Windows Phone. We can’t say, that Nokia hasn’t made a single successfull phone since then, but everyone could see that the best years of the company had passed.

Recentley, Microsoft officially declared, that Lumia production is to be stopped and 1350 workers from Finland are to be fired. Looks like the deal wasn’t that successfull after all. However, Microsoft isn’t leaving the mobile market. The company is planning to start selling Surface smartphones next year. Well, let’s wish the Microsoft to develop a new concurent for Android and iOS smartphones and we hope that 200 million dollars as a general redundancy payment would be enough for specialists form Finland.