19.06.2017 News

New horizons: Bytexclass

Last May our department of internal education, called Bytexclass has gone into action. Here we train our newcomers the basis of their new profession.

The course includes three lectures: An introduction, where people are taught what the bug is, types of testing and its’ approaches, a lecture of web-testing and a lesson on test documentation. Each of them is provided with practice, based on company’s real projects. The course is also free to visit for any of our employees.

Besides, we have training events from professionals of the industry. We have already hosted representatives of world’s biggest companies and will definitely try to make such events more frequent.

All our workers already know Alina. She is our English teacher. Alina has got 7 classes with general amount of 78 students. They all are separated into groups, dependent on their basic knowledge and are taught for free.

Classes are provided with Lenovo AIO.

Our next step is to set up a chain of advanced courses, on which our employees will be taught peculiarities of testing: from advanced knowledge of databases to working with test-automatization tools.

9.01.2017 News

New Conan videos

While we were on holidays, Funcom worked their hands off. And all this time we kept our eyes on their child – Conan Exiles. And developers do have something to show. The end of the month is closer and closer, together with Steam Early Access release.
“New Conan videos”

9.01.2017 News

Bytexstrean: Tyranny

Clear your schedule, gentlemen. January 10, 8 pm PST we will be playing Tyranny. Beware that there will be violence and cruelty. We came here to bring Kyros’s will and so be it. The court will begin in time, so don’t miss it. Otherwise, you will face the true power of a fatebinder.