13.01.2017 Gameview

GOTY – Tyranny

2016 turned out to be rich for both good and bad games. It’s always hard to pick just one game of the year. Especially when December gave us: Steep, The Dwarves, Let it Die, Shadow tactics, The Last Guardian, Dead Rising 4 and a whole bunch of smaller games. I, personally had to pick among two games only: Doom and Tyranny. Others didn’t have enough to live a long trace of replayability and simple fun.
“GOTY – Tyranny”

27.12.2016 Gameview

Clementine, you’re out

— We’ve got two different endigs here for you.
— But there were supposed to be 32 of them?

The end of 2016 appeared memorable not only by unexpected turntwists in the 7th season of The Walking Dead which was finally able to surprise those, who had enough patience to watch through all the rest. We can remember this year also by The Walking Dead: A New Frontier. And that is what we will talk about.
“Clementine, you’re out”

14.12.2016 Gameview

I am a working bee on a December snow

What a cruel and unpredictable world this is! It seems like yesterday you were a common bee, making honey, buzzing around with pals, taking care about the hive and flowers… But today it’s all gone.
The hive was destroyed to the dome. All bees are gone and the queen has fallen. She whispers:”Make revenge for your brothers and sisters!”
“I am a working bee on a December snow”

12.12.2016 Gameview

Gameview: Tabletopia

When the time comes, daily routine wins over everyone. We want to sit back and have have fun with our friends in the end of the week. However, there ofthen are thousands of miles between us, or lack of mood. But it’s no obstacle for Tabletopia, which is a free-to-play virtual boardgame table. The idea is to create a space to play uncountacble number of such games. You can play on both PC or a tablet. And the process itself is as close to the reality, as it can be. As a vital bonus, you can also get comfortable on the sofa with food and drinks.
“Gameview: Tabletopia”

2.12.2016 Gameview

Pixel Birdman

Corey Hardman gave a good sample of indie games into the piggy-bank. A 2D platformer Way of the Red, which can be very a very enthusiastic time-spender for an evening or two.
“Pixel Birdman”

29.11.2016 Gameview

The Rake: Red Forest

Chernobyl catastrophy area is a place, where tourists and hunters come from all over the world. Some want to have an exotic vacation, others – to hunt mutant animals, gather strange green or reveal mysterious secrets. And today we came here to work, not to have a vacation. There apeared an urgent information from scientists. Rake has been found. Location – red forest.
“The Rake: Red Forest”