BYTEX hosted the “Day of Digital Education in Games”.

The event was attended by specialists from the IT industry, representatives of the education system and relevant ministries. BYTEX employees and invited guests held a series of lectures on game development and game design. Issues of interaction and cooperation between educational platforms and business were also discussed during the meeting.

“BYTEX hosted the “Day of Digital Education in Games”.”

4.10.2016 Dan's diary

Bug is life

Finding a blocker is not enough. It has to be reproduced, steps are to be found attachments are to be made. And all this has to be put into the document! This is the hardest part…
“Bug is life”

13.05.2016 Dan's diary

Dan and Batman

At first sight, tester Dan and billionaire Bruce Wayne have nothing in common. One lives in a gigantic mansion, drives Lamborghini Aventador and Batmobile… Another rents a prefab and goes to work by a bus, or on a bycicle. Unlike Gotham’s rich kid, Dan hasn’t got a yacht, filled with Russian ballet girls. Nor has he a kevlar suit or a Batcopter…

“Dan and Batman”

27.04.2016 Dan's diary

Welcome, Dan!

Dan is Junior Game Tester. He thought he knew all about the games!
It turned out that testing process is really hard, painstaking work requiring wide knowledge, savvy, perseverance and other qualities.

Let’s look at the first day in QA.