Lyova Rubanov: “Everything connected with BYTEX is new and unexpected”

Today we want to introduce the youngest member of BYTEX team to you. It is Lyova Rubanov! He is not an ordinary teenager. However, he likes Marvel superheroes like all children of his age. Also he adores Ninjago and he is a supporter of the football club Zenit. He likes walking in his hometown and, of course, he loves computer games like all of us.

BYTEX has been participating in Lyova’s life very actively for several years. (Lyova prefers this variant of his name considering that the name Lev is too serious and formal.) He has been interested in computer games since his childhood. When he grew up, he got interested in our work: “I know your company deals with game testing and there are a lot of interesting and professional people, – tells Lyova, – I’ve read everything about BYTEX that I could only find on the Internet. At that moment I had a dream. This dream was to learn how to test and create games. Also I wanted to meet other testers and find good friends. I was eager to work in the company, get responsible tasks and look for bugs. I will certainly do my best! And nobody will pay attention to the fact that I’m disabled”.

Unfortunately, everyone is given a different start by nature. It often happens that things that are ordinary for some children (like first friends in the kindergarten, first bruises and scratches in the playground, first school love, a camping trip, taking part in school holidays and many other things) can be unavailable for the other children.
Lyova started preparing as he could: he didn’t just play computer games, but he also tried to independently understand some programs. He found mismatches and bugs in the games he was playing and took notes. He started watching educational videos and at a certain point he asked his mother to contact us. (In fact, his mother is his only friend who cares about him and helps in everything.)
“ I’m so thankful to all the guys in BYTEX, – remembers Lyova. – Just allow me to convey my admiration. I’d like to say they are so lucky to work in such a big company and do such an interesting job as game testing.”
On that day we also thanked Lyova for his warm words. Also we mentioned that in spite of living in another city, he got interested in our work. We also praised him for his desire to become good at computers and his interest in computer games. Soon after it a delivery boy delivered him our present – a gaming mouse that Lyova had dreamt about.
“I was shocked a little, – writes Lyova. – Frankly speaking, everything connected with BYTEX is new and unexpected for me. It’s not usual for me to get a response, attention, or presents…”
But it wasn’t the end of our communication. The most important thing was that we felt a great desire of our young interviewer to discover something new, communicate, learn, do his best and work. Well, we can’t change many things, but we will try to make the dream of at least one child come true and to take part in his life!
But how to do it? Lyova is only 14 and he lives in another city. But not for nothing true professionals work in all the departments of BYTEX. The HR department found a special document among the regulatory documents. Due to it we got an opportunity to employ a spherical employee officially with all rights and obligations.
Lyova Rubanov has already been working in our company for more than a week. At first he was shy, but it is over now. Every day he goes online with pleasure, watches excursions around the office attentively, delves into lectures and asks many questions. Inevitably, every communication finishes with his words of admiration. For example: “I’m excited! You’re so cool. I’m so happy to be in BYTEX. It’s a joy. Now I have friends! Everything is very interesting. I really want to learn how to use a computer, test games and develop my skills.” It’s the best praise for us. Currently, he is guided by our public relation department, but in the course of time when our new employee gets used to us, other departments will get such an opportunity too. Each of us can help Lyova on the way of his dream.
To become better acquainted, we asked Lyova to answer several questions and tell about himself:
“Good afternoon. I’m pleased to be asked so many questions. I haven’t even expected that I can be so interesting to you. It’s a new experience for me.
My name is Lyova Rubanov. I’m 14. I live in Kaluga. I have no friends because I’m disabled. For some reason, even my neighbours aren’t my friends although we are peers. I have weak legs, so I use a wheelchair to go long distances. I have already grown up from my baby wheelchair. It was similar to a usual stroller for babies.

You asked me about the places in my city where I like to walk. I adore evening rides in Kaluga. My mother orders a taxi and we ride in the car for about an hour. The city is very beautiful in the evening.
I love fountains. I like theater and plays, but I have attended only kids’ plays so far. I like circus, especially with dolphins. I like walking in Tsiolkovsky Park. Also I like the Space Museum and looking at the night sky at the Planetarium. I like going to the cinema. I have attended all the premieres of Marvel films – Spider-Man, Thor, The Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy. Also I have watched WandaVision, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier and Loki.
I have replaced chatting with friends with Ninjago cartoons. All the positive characters are my friends. They are Kay, Jay, Zane, Cole, Lloyd and Nya. Actually I like everything connected with Lego. Also I watch SpongeBob, Power Rangers, Ninja Turtles, Cars (I adore Mater and Lightning McQueen) and Tom and Jerry. I have watched all the films and animation about Transformers for a few years.
As for the computer, I’m a beginner in using it. I’m not an ordinary teenager, so I can’t learn as fast as the others. Nowadays I’m rather bad at it. My mother often helps me. It’s difficult to do something without her help. But I really want to work on the computer as a true professional and to study different programs. Now I don’t have enough experience.
One of the things I can do myself is switching on Minecraft and YouTube. I’m well oriented there and can watch educational videos. For example, video reviews of mice, keyboards, headphones and mats. I like to watch how computer mice are dismantled and buttons are changed in them. It’s interesting for me what’s inside. I haven’t tried to dismantle a mouse but I dream of trying it. By the way, one of my dreams was a computer mouse and this dream came true. Your company presented it to me. I’m very happy. Apart from YouTube, I also use Wikipedia and ask Yandex Alice questions.
Having learned that our employee works on a very old device that can hardly handle basic tasks, we couldn’t leave it like that and gave him a new gaming laptop Lenovo Legion 5 with great performances – Intel Core i7 11800H, RAM 16 GB, SSD 512 GB, GeForce RTX 3070 for laptops 8 GB. This laptop is not only for work, it’s possible to play demanding games on it. Today Lyova is able to learn programs and practice in games even with such titles as Cyberpunk 2077, Evil Dead the Game, Metro Exodus, Dying Light 2: Stay Human or Microsoft Flight Simulator.
Then I switched to the smartphone and PlayStation 4. As for PlayStation, I like different games, but mostly playthrough and quests. I completed Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Orden. Also I completed SpiderMan, Ben 10, Lego World, Lego Marvel’s Avengers and Star Wars. Actually, Lego in games and cartoons is my favorite thing. Certainly, I also like Minecraft. This game was the beginning of everything. I downloaded it on my old laptop and started training in how to use a computer and play. I can call myself a fan.
Nowadays I’m very interested in Gran Turismo, in a simple way, auto racing. I like to play it on PlayStation. I enjoy winning, rising to new levels, buying cars and receiving them as a present from the application. I like making tuning and restyling.
I love testing new features of the car, figuring out how to manage them to make driving more comfortable and win more often. But when I lose I get a bit upset. I like driving fast cars like Chevrolet Camaro, Ford JT and even Volkswagen Golf along the countryside road or Mitsubishi sports car in rainy Tokyo at night.
I had a blog about Lego Ninjago cartoons in TikTok. I used to shoot videos from a TV screen and upload them to my channel. I used to edit videos on my phone by myself. I had a lot of views and around 1500 subscribers. But I faced bullying because of my naivety and some other factors. Then TikTok became unavailable.
You also asked me if it was interesting for me to become a blogger. Apparently, a blogger in BYTEX is something different than I imagine. It’s great that my mother helps me. It would be interesting to hear from Bytex who a blogger really is. I mean your point of view. As for me, I’m just a beginner in this sphere and don’t know much but I’m ready to learn how to use different programs. But sometimes I get tired fast and remember things not as well as I’d like to. I study at a special school or at home when a teacher comes to me. By the way, summer is almost over and the 1st of September will be soon. It means it’s almost time to start a new school year.
Who would I like to be in the future? Most likely I’d like to learn how to create and test games, but testing is in the first place. In the course of time I hope to master computer programs with your support. It would be cool to shoot 2D or 3D animation. Also I’d like to master my skills in creating and editing video clips.
I try drawing Lego characters on paper. I’d love to create a 3D cartoon myself. I know this program is very complicated. I don’t have it on my computer and I don’t know how to download it. It seems to be very expensive. All in all, my interests boil down to games and video editing.
I have one more hobby. I like watching football matches on TV. The game is very challenging and I support Zenit – a team from St Petersburg.
If I had a chance, I would visit a company where the games about Lego characters and racing are created. It would be very interesting for me.

And, of course, computer itself is very exciting. I have a strong desire to master it and develop my own program and game. For example, a racing game and then make a blog about it. But I can’t speak very well and it bothers me. I’d like to be good at computer hardware. But now I know only Intel Core and PTX that are on my laptop.
I’m a real dreamer like all children and adults. Probably adults are dreamers too and when they have a baby, parents feel like children again and they are excited buying toys for their kids. As my mother says: “All the adults are little children inside.”
I like dreaming about films after watching them. I’m not keen on reading. If I read books, they are e-books, but I get bored quickly.
Many thanks to everyone who has believed in me and hired me in Bytex! Now I know that I have friends – they are BYTEX team! Thanks for that.”
We believe in you, Lyova. We will support you and help to make your dreams and aspirations come true.