We have decided to introduce two artists from BYTEX team simultaneously. It’s interesting that not only they started working in our company at the same time but they also got on the same project. They quickly noticed art-books and pencils in each other’s hands and, indeed, became friends very fast. Today they chat, share their experience and work on joint projects.

In the modern world art is constantly changing. Something that was prohibited several years ago is very well-paid nowadays. Our junior tester Regina Shestakova draws in the dotwork style that is very rare. In the future she wants to develop her skills in the tattoo industry. It’s also noticeable that she makes all the sketches by herself.

In my childhood my works were specific, so to speak. If there was the worst drawing on the board in the kindergarten, my mother always knew it was mine. What is more, I didn’t have any desire to draw when I was a kid. I realized that I wanted to express my feelings and ideas through drawing only when I was in the 4th or 5th form. Then I found out about the art of tattoos.I got interested in it and realized that my dream was to become a tattoo artist. However, there was no place where I could get at least aesthetic experience and see other people’s works. But with the development of social networks such people started appearing on the Internet. There were a lot of them and the themes were various.
I can’t say that I have a particular technique but I use one rather interesting and exotic element in my art. It’s the dotwork. It implies paintings made of dots. It’s fascinating and laborious work.
Nowadays my dream is still the same. I still want to draw pictures that people will be glad to see on their bodies for the rest of their life. Also my dream is to develop my own unique style.

Drawing for me is the way to express on paper everything around me through the filter of my own emotions and expectations: some images, flashbacks, the inspiration I got from the last book I read or the last film I watched. In the course of drawing I usually think a lot and it makes me analyze the world around me. First of all, drawing is the way to know yourself, other people and all the surroundings.

Does my hobby help me in my main job? As an artist, I give the top priority to the visual part of the game. I’m crazy about good-looking characters and well-drawn game worlds. In my opinion, the most beautiful games are Sky, Genshin Impact, and the Witcher. Certainly, that’s not all I could remember so fast. Especially, I like how the nature and architectural buildings are reflected in these games. Also the characters themselves are very detailed and memorable.

Today I have several top artists that I like and who I look up to. There are a lot of artists and tattoo artists but the following people are real role models for me: Dima NBK, Idiotstile, Sad69kun and Milky moth teeth. They are very different that’s why it’s difficult to explain why they are together in this top. Each of them has caught on with something unique. And it’s not only about the style of drawing, but also about the lifestyle, approach to creativity and achievements.
While I was thinking, I realized what my main dream was. I would like to inspire people, to appear in the top favorite artists and just to be a good example. I have to do many more things to get what I want. But it seems to me that I have discovered the main secret to follow: don’t stop, follow your dream and make it come true step by step.

Another junior tester, Egor Gavrilin works with Regina on the same project. During lunch breaks they can be often seen together drawing something enthusiastically. While working in the IT-company, Egor decided to improve his drawing skills and nowadays he is mastering a graphic tablet.

I have started drawing since my childhood, it goes without saying. I used to spend my holidays in the countryside where I found some old pencils and made my first plein air. Then I started to draw more: the images of villains and heroes of films and anime, real people and stories from their lives. All this formed my wonderful imagination that made me pull out my art-book.
My first works weren’t original. Like all children I drew crooked people and animals. But soon I discovered anime and animation of such a direction in general although I was still a small child. All my further art was concentrated on majestic characters and each of them had his own interesting story. Some of my favorite anime series are Attack on Titian, Evangelion, Devil-man, Crybaby, Bleach, Berserk, etc. All these things formed my own form of art and gave me impetus to create my own style of drawing.
Some time later I switched to graphic programs on the computer. It’s much easier to work with them but tablets will hardly replace a pencil and a rubber because they are the basis. However, due to the comfort and functions, tablets will be popular for at least several decades.
I bought my first tablet four months ago. I started thinking about this purchase when I was in the army where I drew sketches of tattoos and portraits for my fellow soldiers. There I also started writing a plot and drawing concept art for my comic book. Nowadays there is a tendency to go to digital and the development in this sphere will give more opportunities for creativity in the future.

Drawing on a tablet has its own specifics. There is a simple rule – just draw and the skill will improve itself. Also some information from the Internet like videos and articles can be useful. But practice is more effective than theory.
Today I keep on trying myself, making my style, learning anatomy and developing in all the possible directions. The level of presentation and imagination depends on the level of your knowledge.
In general, my creativity hinges on Russian, Japanese and European cultures. Also I pay attention to the inner world of people and their emotions. Sometimes I try to combine the incompatible. For example, a Japanese demon dressed in sports trousers with a katana on the belt. I try to experiment and create something original and stylish.

Undoubtedly, art gives you a very important experience. Drawing is not about just making lines on paper or on the screen. As an artist, I often criticize my own works. I don’t think about them as something special. But I suppose my work strives for it. It’s necessary to consider the attitude of other people to your work because it can really motivate you to move forward. The main rule is that you should move forward after each mistake without looking back.
In the future I’m going to improve my skills including tattoo art with people who share the same interests. Moreover, I am bringing out my first comic book where all my ideas will be reflected. Besides, if I have a chance, I’ll try to join GameDev and create sketches for games.