BYTEX is a company of good deeds

Small children from the orphanage in Bolshie Berezniki received a new playground from BYTEX.

The orphanage is located in the picturesque forest on the outskirts of the village Bolshie Berezniki. Nowadays 23 children live here who are from one month to four years old. The employees of this institution not only look after the children but also strive to make their everyday life as interesting as possible. Entering the territory, you get into a real fairytale: wooden animals, cozy alcoves behind the freshly-painted colorful fences and different landscape designed handiworks.
Mostly this area is made of improvised materials by the employees of this institution. Some of them have been set in the open air, wind and rain for many years. It’s obvious that there was a lack of bright, reliable and safe playgrounds to make the small residents feel at home.

Certainly, BYTEX couldn’t stay aside from children’s needs. This spring as soon as snow melted and the ground became dry, our company presented the playground equipment consisting of a slide and an alcove for children to the orphanage in Bolshie Berezniki. The employees git it in a disassembled form but it wasn’t difficult for them to build it for only one morning. Then they were securely and permanently set in the yard in compliance with all the safety standards. And already today, after a daytime nap children will have a pleasant surprise.

“Both employees and children are very grateful to Saransk IT specialists for such a great present, – tells the chief doctor of State Public Institution of Healthcare of Mordovia “Bolshebereznikovsky orphanage” Nadezhda Borisovna Kulagina. – Our children will definitely appreciate such a bright and beautiful house and slide. These are modern and safe constructions that were specially made for children’s playgrounds. We also got all the documents confirming that these constructions are suitable for the age of the children who live in our orphanage. Places for kids to run around and play should be regularly renewed. We are very grateful to the CEO of Bytex Dmitry Karasev for this new fascinating playground.

Being a socially-oriented company, BYTEX regularly takes part in the projects aimed at guidance and support of the younger generation. We really realize that children are our future and they should have everything to grow up and develop in the right way. Especially if we speak about the children left without parental care. We are sure that it is far from the last present that children will get from BYTEX.