BYTEX shares experience with our colleagues from Yakutia

This week in BYTEX testing skills are being mastered by the delegates from The College of Technology Infrastructure that is a part of North-Eastern Federal University. The five-day course based on the knowledge that is the result of long-term work on software quality control includes both theoretical and practical parts. Having mastered them, IT specialists from Yakutia will be able not only share their new experience in testing with their students but also defend the honor of their college at Worldskills Russia.

The professor of The College of Technology Infrastructure NEFU Aya Nogovitsina got interested in software testing three years ago. “Any developer knows that a program should be thoroughly tested before the ultimate user gets it. It requires extra knowledge and practice. I wrote the syllabus of the Software testing course that was included into the educational curriculum of three specialties connected with high technology for the third-year students.”

When the competence “Gaming software tester” was included in the official list of competencies in Worldskills, a young professor offered her students to try their hand at it, work more actively at testing and take part in the championship. But since the special course was based on diverse information from the depths of the Internet, there was a lack of practice.
There were no professional testing studios in Yakutsk and the nearby areas. Also nobody was ready to organize the process of education in the other large cities of Russia.
Worldskills movement helped us by giving advice to contact directly the developers of practical competence requirements – the employees from The Training and Staff Development of BYTEX. They immediately agreed to share their experience with their colleagues. Yakutsk University supported the idea and organized the flight and accommodation in Saransk during the course both for a student and a professor.
“Our classes are held from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. for 5 days, – tells the student of The College of Technology Infrastructure NEFU Alexander Gavriljev. – The classes are conducted by the employees of BYTEX. In the early afternoon we deal with the theory of testing, then we learn to apply knowledge in practice. Experience is a very important element in testing. I have already looked for bugs and made bug-reports. But here I learn a lot of new things and professional intricacies that you can get only after long-term work. I am currently studying at the specialty “IT systems and programming”. The quality control of the final product is very important here. I am sure that the knowledge I get in BYTEX will be very useful at the Worldskills Championship and I will be able to perform at a decent level.”