18.02.2022 Day's diary, News

Bytex CEO Karasev Dmitriy: “Through cybersport, we instill in children an interest in history”.

Head of Republic of Mordovia Artem Zdunov and Presidential Fund of Cultural Initiatives CEO Roman Karmanov visited BYTEX, a company specializing on video games development and testing.

BYTEX regularly initiates creative social projects when, through computer games, young people are involved in the study of history, the implementation of socially significant projects, and the tourism promotion of the republic. For example, as part of the celebration of the 20th anniversary of the canonization of the holy righteous warrior Feodor Ushakov BYTEX has organized naval e-sports battles among e-athletes in “World of Warships” in which 8 teams from different regions of our country took part.

Discussing the possibilities of cultural initiatives promotion with the help of cyber industry Roman Karmanov said “ Our fund is focused on comprehensive support of creative people. For the most part of them it is more effective and accessible to convey information through the game content, so the educational advantages of computer games and applications need to be used”.

 Presidential Fund of Cultural Initiatives CEO approved the BYTEX company’s organization of the competition to recreate famous republican buildings in a videogame “Minecraft” which was held in 2021among schoolchildren. He expressed the idea that such an idea is a ready-made project to increase the attractiveness of the region, which can be brought to the federal level.

Bytex CEO Karasev Dmitriy highlighted the historical component of the contests and competitions, which were held by BYTEX: “After participating in them children became more interested in the history of Russia  and their native republic. We will continue to develop such initiatives”.

Mordovia Republic Digital Development Ministry Igor Volfson shared the region’s plans to create IT –village and Ecopark in the spheres of high technologies at the territory of Saransk-Ruzaevka urban agglomeration. Now concepts and terms of reference for the design of such a creative IT-space are being developed.