November 20th the results of the Republic children’s competition of Saransk and Republic of Mordovia tourists sights recreation by means of  video game ”Minecraft” were summed up. The event was aimed at increasing the tourist attractiveness of the region. Along with the game, the competition also included a local history component, which allowed the participants to show their knowledge of the history of their native city and region.


The competition was announced at the august 2021 during the large-scale festive events dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the canonization of the Russian naval commander, the holy righteous warrior Theodore Ushakov. The leading IT company of the republic Bytex LTD acted as partner and co-organizer of the events. Company on its site organized “Day of the digital education” and “E-sport tournament for Ushakov Cup in the discipline of World of Warships” and the team from Mordovia also became one of the winners.

From the 4th of August till 4th of November competitors were sending their works. The jury of leading region IT-specialists, education system representatives and local historians considered the projects of young people from all over the country who learned about the competition from the news in social networks and the press. As a result, the following participants received prizes, as well as cash prize

The 1st place and 30 000 rubles were received by Pustovalov Vladislav from Barnaul. Vladislav is in the 9th garde and has been interested in architecture and construction since his childhood. At the competition, he presented a model of a Music Theatre named after Yaushev and the neighboring hotel “Meridian”. The young man devotes a lot of time to his hobby and has been creating a model of his own city within the international “Build the Earth” project for half a year. Within this project our planet is being recreated at ratio 1:1 by means of the video game “Minecraft”.

The 2nd place and 15 000 rubles were taken by 17years old Vasiliy Ivanov from Zelenograd, who represented the model of Republic of Mordovia Supreme Court building. The young man except for “Minecraft” is seriously interested in chemistry and even entered the Faculty of Chemistry of Moscow State University named after Lomonosov. In his free time, he creates a copy of his city as part of the “Build the Earth” project as part of the CIS team, which has been creating an exact copy of Russia.

The 3d place is divided by 2 participants each receiving a  prize of 10 000 rubles. First of them – 9th grade student Antonov Egor from Moscow who created the model of Public Reception of the plenipotentiary representative of the President of Russia in PFD. In addition to the passion for construction, in which the young man expresses himself through creativity, the participant goes in for sports – plays tennis and swims in the pool, and also diligently prepares for the BSE.

The second participant who took the 3d place is the youngest of all. Stanislav Tugashkin is 11 and he is our countryman.He was born in Atyashevo and now he lives in Ruzaevka. Young man keeps the love to his natal village and represented the model of the St.Andrew the First-Called Cathedral in Atyashevo.

In the awards ceremony the Bytex CEO Dmitriy Karasev, acting Minister of Economics, Trade and Entrepreneurship Alexei Gribanov, Minister of Digital Development Igor Wolfson, first deputy of Minister of Sport and Youth Policy of Republic of Mordovia Anastasiya Grishneva and TIC Director Alina Beze took part. Our congratulations to the winners!