BYTEX hosted the “Day of Digital Education in Games”.

The event was attended by specialists from the IT industry, representatives of the education system and relevant ministries. BYTEX employees and invited guests held a series of lectures on game development and game design. Issues of interaction and cooperation between educational platforms and business were also discussed during the meeting.

Dmitry Karasev, BYTEX CEO, noted in his welcoming speech that the high-tech sector is currently experiencing boosted growth, new IT-related competencies are emerging, and income from computer games is breaking new records, which means that their development is becoming a prestigious and highly paid specialty. His words were supported by the Minister of Informatization and Communications of the Republic of Mordovia, Igor Wolfson, who wished the young developers gathered in the hall success in the gaming industry.

The lecture hall was divided into two sections. The guests of the first one were the pupils of the profile summer camp “Binilect” and the children of the company’s employees. Vadim Lukovaty, teacher of the BYTEX Personnel Training and Development Department, opened the event with an introductory lecture on game design. Schoolchildren reacted with great interest to the material from which they learned about the types of games, analyzed the expectations of players of a particular category, learned the secrets of how to interest and find their audience for various games.

The lecture by Maxim Nikolaev, Head of the BYTEX Business Development Department, was devoted to the step-by-step development of a game project. The game development life cycle starts with an idea, the formation of a team and then goes through many stages, but even after the release there is still a lot of work to fix bugs and retain the audience. A separate part of the lecture was devoted to the economic component of development.

The final lecture of the first part of the “Day of Digital Education” was “Recommendations on the use of events from the life of Ushakov F.F. for game design purposes”. Valeriy Maresyev, State Counselor of the Republic of Mordovia, Candidate of Historical Sciences, presented a very interesting historical material to the schoolchildren. He not only spoke about the personality of the Holy Righteous Warrior Fyodor Ushakov, whose 20th anniversary of canonization we are celebrating these days, but also gave the younger generation new ideas for developing games and using biographies of real historical characters in their basis, interesting  facts from the historical context, shipbuilding , military realities of the second half of the 18th century – the beginning of the 19th century.

Such a thematic approach will serve not only the formation of patriotic values, but also cultural education and will help to show historical events in an interesting way,  to every gamers including foreign ones.

The second part of the “Day of Digital Education in Games” was attended by representatives of education: principals teachers, methodologists of schools, colleges, universities of the Republic and employees of the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Mordovia.

Aleksey Tymchikov, Technical Director of WorldSkills Russia, gave a lecture on “The Experience of Creating a Rational WorldSkills Competence for Personnel Training” to the guests. He spoke about how the new competence “Game Software Tester” was formed.

This competence was implemented with the active participation of BYTEX employees, who, using many years of experience, formed reference requirements and developed a test material to confirm skills. 

Andrey Konushin, President of the Russian Software Testing Qualification Board, spoke about the experience of cooperation with regional businesses in the development of an international Game QA training program using the example of ISTQB. This program is accepted in the leading 129 countries of the world and has been successfully used in BYTEX for several years. A significant part of the company’s specialists have been trained and confirmed their qualifications.

The report of Alexander Torgovkin, Head of the BYTEX Personnel Training and Development Department, was devoted to the experience of our region in creating a training system for IT personnel on the basis of colleges, creating an inter-university training center “Software Testing”. The final of the event was marked by a panel discussion “Opportunities for training personnel in the interaction of professional communities with state authorities and international organizations”.