4.07.2017 News

Testing lectures from bytex in hsbi

June 24, our specialists held the first lecture of our exclusive course in Higher School of Business Informatics.


The quality assurance of game projects course has been developed by our employees Artem Lukyanov and Elena Pomelova. It consists of three lectures: The Fundamental theory of testing, Peculiarities of game testing and industry, Peculiarities of testing on different platforms (Steam, GOG, AppStore, Play market). The second lesson was held July 1 and the last one will take place on July 8.

Lessons flow in well-known tactics for us: each takes three hours and divided into theoretical and practical parts, so students have an opportunity to manually use their new knowledge.

All participants have nothing but good impressions. Students took notice of teachers’ professionalism, who saw how interested first ones were.

Elena Pomelova:
“The structure of our lectures is fully compatible with the university. The students are deeply into them. Many of them already make their own games, so they are interested in the issue of quality.”

Artem Lukyanov:
“A lot of future developers try to find the best suitable solution for their interaction with testers. Whether it’s a Bug Bounty program, outsource labor of an internal department. Everybody wants to optimize their company’s work. It’s also great that we had QA specialists from other companies on our lessons. Experience exchange is extremely important in our job.”