23.06.2017 Gameview


It’s time for you to boost your patriotism, drink some vodka in the company of your pet bear and enjoy something kawaii.
Vanquish has been out for seven years and hasn’t changed a bit during the time. Though PC version gained more graphics options, neat keyboard and mouse controls together with fantastic performance.



The whole “plot” of the game is based on cause-effect events. Victor Zaitsev – a typical Russian antagonist – destroys Los Angeles with a super powerful space beam, which makes Americans attack Russian space station full of robot soldiers. Vanquish makes fun of every known stereotype about ‘dem bloodthirsty Russians and pretentious Americans. The only thing this mix of well-worn cliche misses is a laser balalaika.

You are Sam Gideon – a bad tempered person dressed in a jet armor guided by Elena Ivanova, who annoys both him and you throughout the game.



With Vanquish you’ll enter an unforgettable universe of never-ceasing fire, fast paced fights, explosions and flying body parts. A number of combat units is overwhelming as well. On your way to victory, you’ll encounter micro boss fight, mini boss fights and thousands of other boss fights.


Your armor is primarily your weapon and your vehicle rather than a source of protection. You’ll nosedive if you burn your engine, and waste energy and efficiency by using a melee attack. Shooting is what you need. You can use cover system in Vanquish, but to be honest, it’s pretty boring. Enemies will force you to leave your position unless you’re playing on “Casual”.

Vanquish has some epic fights which will keep you pleasantly tense. Something’s always exploding, squads of space troopers die every minute, combat machinery is being torn to pieces. Gideon looks around, evaluating the situation. We all know what he’s thinking about while smoking that cigarette of his – killing them all before the butt makes it to the ground.


Every fight, skirmish and tense situation cause a feeling of endless euphoria. Your brain keeps considering all the possibilities of winning an incoming battle. Whether to melee or use grenades is up to you providing you’ve got enough energy for this type of offensive strategy. The moment you sigh with relief, reinforcements arrive. The moment you destroyed them all, the game gives you a boss fight. The amazing thing is your abilities are not limited by a standard range of combat actions. For example, you can steal a mech from the enemies if you try, or kill the pilot by throwing a grenade in a cabin and taking over the plane. We recommend you to play this game on Very Hard – probably the only way to experience it all.



PC port games are well-known for being poorly optimized, having little to none settings and making you bend your fingers in an awkward way to master controls. Platinum Games proved us otherwise. In Vanquish you can adjust settings and key bindings in a way that pleases your gaming mind. In addition to that, the game shows fantastic performance, giving us very little to none FPS drops. The only problem we encountered were two game crashes – during the start and at the LA destruction scene – which were caused by the current version of Nvidia driver. The solution was to simply update the driver to the later version. There were no difficulties with launching the game from different OS as well.