5.04.2017 News
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Youtube Wednesday on Game.STR

Tea, coffee, YouTube videos? Today’s list is: Agents of Mayhem, Persona 5, Prey, Ijustice 2 and Batman: Arkham VR.

Volition, with support from Deep Silver is about to release Agents of Mayhem, which is supposed to literally blow our brains out! Or maybe not. If Saint’s Row series is more or less known, it’s multiplayer predecessor brings out a few questions about its playability. Let’s live to see August 15. They will have a bit less, than a month to make us interested before Destiny 2 comes out.

In the meantime, Persona 5 is out now, fully available. On its way to us, it managed to gather all 10’s in the world from our western colleagues. Let’s Dance!

Bethesda Softworks keeps on telling us about weapons, skills and gadgets from their new Prey. Don’t buy month old previews, we’ll see what’s what when the game is out. Don’t forget, that the original Prey was very much different from what people expected, although it was developed by another company. And the sequel was cancelled so long ago, many people even forgot it ever existed. So far, we are being overwhelmed by all the same information.

Dedicated for all those, who know how to wait: WB Games is introducing Catwoman for Injustice 2! It’s not as good as Supergirl, but she sure knows how to fight. Unfortunately, no additional outfits were presented.

Great news for VR owners! Batman VR will visit oculus Rift and HTC Vive April 25! If you don’t know it yet, Batman VR is a great demo, that really helped Sony sell a million of their PS VR headsets.