2.02.2017 Gameview

Fear yourself

We’ve played For Honor, and we did it a lot. Now let’s figure out what is what here. It’s a bit early to make a sober impression as we are still under influence of a game.


We’ve played from the very beginning straight to 11 pm, which means, it took us around six hours. Take into consideration the fact of low activity on the servers and sometimes we had to fight AI. Which is for the better, because of the controlls which took quite a time to get used to. It’s easy to learn and extremely hard to master and fingerbreaking. The most confusing here is blocking system as it appears to be too easy at first. But so far, combinations look common to Mortal Kombat and when learnt and polished, a berserker can be dancing around the battlefield like some ballet dancer with hatchets. By the way, talking about charachters. Right now, at the time of speaking there are three of them for each faction and all of them can be customized a bit more than completely, except for one for each side. These can’t change the gender. In general, we have nothing against female warriors, although  it’s hard to reffer to one, being a grown male person in real life.


Each faction has got an imbalnced (yet?) class, above which stands Holdar – the vanguard Viking hero. His hits go through any block, his helmet wears enemy skull and gives almost a real fear. Seriously, it’s been a long time since I’ve seen barbarians that are able to scare an enemy. Samurai have got Orochi, who strikes fast and painfully. Well, and Knights have a conquerror with a morning star. His strikes are difficult to stop, which makes him an extremely dangerous enemy, although he is trully legendary in a large battle.
In reality, you should try and play for everyone, so you’ll find the right charachter to play for and do things noone can even imagine was possible. There is a plain field of varieties for strategy. The thing is to understand what to do with a certain person. For instance, we took a warlord and immediately rushed into the battle. Died. Rushed. Died. Rushed. Died. And all we had to do, was to read a few lines about a warlord.


It’s always perfectly clear how and why you died. There are no situations when you crushed a gamepad into a TV screaming :”How Come???!!” In general, matchmaking is the only trouble. We can only hope for the better for the start. We have questions for War of Factions and what happens by the end of Season 1. So far we only know that it doesn’t matter who you play for, what matters is what side did you chose in the beginning.


The story remains unclear too. it wasn’t available, so we have to get it by seeds. The legend says that one Knight order once set off in search of new land and settled here. A bit later, a clan of Samurai was banished from their homeland and found these lands and Vikings just came here by sea to burn/plunder and rape. Thus they have been fighting for a millenium. Nobody even remembers the story of how it all began, but every time there comes a truce, Appolyon comes to start it all anew. That is how they fight for honor. That Appolyon is another story. She was 13 when she killed a first time. She loathes this world and wears her armor, taken from that knight she killed.

Is it worth buying? Yep, totally. Even now the game shows outstanding performance even on cofigurations far from recommended. Is it worth it’s money? Thousand times YES! But if you don’t have them, get it in the next sale and don’t forget about it! But it all doesn’t matter. What does matter is the fact that Ubisoft will very soon release a good quality game, that will take your months. Each 1vs1 match is a speed chess game, each conquer is a Mortal Kombat death dance with it’s own Smokes, Scorpions and Liu Kangs.

Chop a Knoght’s head off is priceless. Everything else takes Master Card.