27.01.2017 Gameview

Rise and Shine – New Year of games

New Year has already come, fireworks have finished and Super Mega Team has give us a wonderful present by releasing a good platformer called Rise & Shine. We were expecting trash, though got a surprisingly good combination of action arcade, puzzles and 6 tonns of reminiscence.

We have a role of one of the great Guides and we’re the only ones who can help a young kid, that was honored to be a protector of Gamearth while fighting agressors – spacemarines from Nexgen (say hi to Gears of War).
That’s the story. Nothing else is needed. People stressed out humor, hardcore and a great amount of references, that make oldschool gamers cry of nostalgia.

Looks all nice and shiny

So, we have the best example of self-depricating, sarcasm and a good sense of humor.

The developers laughed out everything they could. Themselves, gamers and every tendency in game world. At the very beginning we think that the game is a bit childish and not too difficult. In reality it gets harder and harder: blood, heads chopped off and a kid, who stole his jacet from Kenny (say hi to South Park). And we die often and quick, after which he gets resurrected by Shine, which is his grumbling gun, making jokes constantly. It’s an all-time-gun that can shoot controlled bullets, electric ammo and use a module for explosives.

And the hero will use it as often as his patience and carefullness. The game is harder than you think. Here we need to know where and how to shoot and what’s most important, how to dodge a storm of bullets and rain of grenades. They even got a covering system, although the gameplay is so dynamic you always have to basically go through the enemies. Besides, we’ve got a lot of traps and puzzles, which blow your mind at first. But soon enough death teaches you how to think fast.
Enemies are a remeniscense of almost every remarkable game charecter you can remember. Spacemarine is a younger brother of Gears of War soldie, mushrooms with teeth send their regards to Mario, turrets came here straight from Portal. Most careful ones might even see Marcus Fenix. We will also meet young Solid Snake, Rambo and get to a location called Black Pesa. Pay attention to small things and you will surely see something from within your soul.

General graphics and game style can be surely taken as game pros. This all is just increadibly beautiful and interesting. Animation is surprisingly soft and true. Even more, when you kill a spaceman, a cute little angel waving you farewell can be shot:”No stairway to heaven tonight”. And in addition goes great music, filled with epic and adventure times.

Last but not least, controlls are to be discussed. We’ve tried both keyboard+mouse and gamepad and the latter calls for either joy or despair. The gamepad is destined for experienced players. Mouse works much better this time.

Currently, this is one of the best indie projects. And the fact that it can be completed through 2 hours is quite an achievement. Don’t be too greedy, it’s worth it’s money.