13.01.2017 Gameview

GOTY – Tyranny

2016 turned out to be rich for both good and bad games. It’s always hard to pick just one game of the year. Especially when December gave us: Steep, The Dwarves, Let it Die, Shadow tactics, The Last Guardian, Dead Rising 4 and a whole bunch of smaller games. I, personally had to pick among two games only: Doom and Tyranny. Others didn’t have enough to live a long trace of replayability and simple fun.


End even though Doom is wonderful, Obsidian Entertainment RPG touches hidden strings in your soul. I’m sick and tired of imagining myself as a hero-savior. Finally, I’m able to cut out whole cities, burn villages and execute prisoners. Why? because Kyros said so. His law is cruel, but fair. If you can’t kill rebels, you are not competent enough to live as a fatebinder. At first, it may seem that you will have to babysit Archont generals to the end of the game but it’s not quite like that. “Go there – bring that” quests are quite well camouflaged here. You will have to decide who will live or die here.

Here is a good example for that: once you get to Scarlet Chorus camp you will find prisoners. One of them is eager to join Kyros’ army, but her willingness is suspicious even for the horde. Which is not too picky in recruitnig, by the way. And here comes the fatebinder. Options in the dialog: kill, glance silently, send her to rebels as a spy and make her accept the initiation. And who knows what will harm her less? But better safe that sorry, right? As a result, the recruit smashes the faces of two of her captured friends. Daily routine.
Dialogs is another anthem here. There is no conversaton that won’t give you a line that you want to say. And almost every time you can either glare silently or just keep silent. And it’s not like in Telltale Games, where you have to pick a match in the dark. You never know if you will glare with shame or rage. Here it’s always harsh. We play a role of a policeman, judge and an executioner in one person. We travel around the Tiers and make sure that Kyros’ will is delivered. Rebels here? Fatebinder will handle this. Armies can’t stand each other? Fatebinder will handle this. Can’t make an Edict stop? Fatebinder will handle this. It’s a path of blood and hatred, but someone has to do this. Just don’t judge everything. Every action here is considered by Tunon – Kyros right hand. And you don’t want to see what’s under the mask. But fear not. Just do things right and lawful.

Only the combat system is a drop of oil. It’s not bad, but it fades out comared to other events. It’s a book-game. The story is so wide, Obsidian even added links to dialogs, so you don’t miss anything. In order not to forget anything, gets very useful.
1478807376_2Tyranny is my personall game of the year pretendant. It’s rough, tough and harsh. There are no winners here. The protagonist leaves a trace of blood and tears. There is no balance between good and evil. Kyros will must be executed.