9.01.2017 News

New Conan videos

While we were on holidays, Funcom worked their hands off. And all this time we kept our eyes on their child – Conan Exiles. And developers do have something to show. The end of the month is closer and closer, together with Steam Early Access release.

For those, who don’t know, Funcom is currently developing an RPG game, based on Conan universe. Imagine yourself a mixture of Skyrim and Rust, desert, a couple cruel Gods and ability to collect slaves, so you get an anticipated result.

This is exactly the result, that can turn Conan into maybe the best game of the genre after Minecraft. Or it can be a failure. Napoleonic plans, as we can see from experience, are not to come true. We will surely check what will get of it. So far, all we can do is wait and listen to Funcom, watching another video with details.