14.12.2016 Gameview

I am a working bee on a December snow

What a cruel and unpredictable world this is! It seems like yesterday you were a common bee, making honey, buzzing around with pals, taking care about the hive and flowers… But today it’s all gone.
The hive was destroyed to the dome. All bees are gone and the queen has fallen. She whispers:”Make revenge for your brothers and sisters!”

812f9563-b807-420e-86ba-d4bccf901dc1So, here is Beekyr Reloaded — an arcade horizontal shoot’em’all action game, where you will fight the system and live the nature pyramid as a winner.

From the first day, Beekyr Reloaded didn’t look the way we see it now. It was born out of Beekyr: Eco shoot’em up, developed for Android. Kaleidogames didn’t aim for fame among children, but it’s where they got to. Even though the game looked childish, it had some hardcore elements, which took a lot of parents’ smartphones to the wall.
9237594c-4bd9-4bf8-9e6f-608728277917 In 2015 developers decided to look at the game from another angle. Beekyr: Eco shoot’em up moved to Steam, got a new protagonist and added variety to levels together with hordes of enemies. The name was changed to Beekyr: Reloaded… But still it’s a smartphone game.
aac31e48-1fb7-4a90-a358-f466062a2306The only gameplay here is shooting enemies and pass through. You can earv level score by collecting coins. There are foru levels and each of thed is different in design and enemies. In addition, there are a few secret levels. However, if you get used to the game, it becomes boring and trivial.

fbe89556-03e9-4c7f-9469-ef67ec4aaf2bFrankly speaking, it’s not worth buying the game in steam, but it will do good for a smartphone game. The completion takes about 10+ hours depending on finding secret levels. Nothing special here, although, the update brought a few modes for difficulty levels.
b79c15d1-a7d5-4179-a728-456bacc2fb03Playing Beekyr on a phone would help you kill some time waiting in line, but the PC version is not worth a penny.