13.12.2016 News

Conan Exiles. New details

We have already posted news on Conan Exiles and its upcoming Early Access stage. But the announcement and features listed are not only things that Funcom saved for us. Insteado of going silent, they decided to stream it.

Quite an intriguing beginning, we daresay. At least we can’t recall a charachter editor, in which you would be crusified. Exile as it is, after all. By default we are sentenced to death for three crimes: Slave salvation, killing a a sacred snake and priest decapitation. De-crusifition is probably not ready yet, so soon after the camera is off and on again, we appear in a desert.

In every other aspect, the new Conan is no dofferent from any other survival-game. Same crafting, same building, but new, funny monsters. The game will be out in Early Access in a month and a half and there are things to do with the game, but at least, Funcom has proved that they have a playable prototype.

So far: far from the worst game of the upcoming 2017