2.12.2016 Gameview

Pixel Birdman

Corey Hardman gave a good sample of indie games into the piggy-bank. A 2D platformer Way of the Red, which can be very a very enthusiastic time-spender for an evening or two.

WotR-1The plot here is plain and predictable. Still, it has something catchy, it’s even pleasant with its two endings. You will become a fencer BlackFeather, which is a representative of birdmen – a race on the brink of extinction, conquered by an evil, cruel king of humans, using birdmen as slaves to gather mysterious “Red Seeds”.
WotR-2Our protagonist lost his life purpose in constant trainings and battles. He takes off on a journey to find his long gone beloved one, find himself and learn if it’s all worth it. The story has got quite a philosophy: “The weakness is scareing you, but the power is determined to destroy you. What if the power you gain will affect your soul and you won’t be able to love anymore? Can you continue this path and what will it turn you into?” No doubt, this is the best part of the story. It’s surprising how can a simple pixel game make us think of such serious thing as love, power and a sense of purpose.
WotR-3Even though we didn’t expect this much from the game, it was able to bring us a lot of pleasure. You will start your journey deep in the forest of solitude and eventually will get to the city in the sky. But before that you will have to pass through 4 major areas, filled with enemy bosses and charachters ready to share their story and some skills. Beware of pixel graphics, though. Sometimes it tries to tear your eyeballs out. Cheaptune styled music, however, perfectly balances the picture with epic and adventure sounds. The only disadvantage would be rough transitions of melody sounds like one day around the world tour, with all possible mood changes.
WotR-4Well, the gameplay is… kind of boring. All we do is jump to kill, jump to move and all that, but… Suddenly we realized that we have this dissonance feeling. It’s 2016 and we are captured by a game, that literally came back from the 90’s. What’s that?! Jokes aside, the game issn’t trying to reach the stars, but it’s quite a piece of art for the genre, with beautiful gameplay and mechanics.
Soon, we started to evolve through seeds and other charachters. Now we can roll, slide, go up the walls and fly over enemies. Enemies are surprisingly interesting too. There are black jumping cats, ravens, knights of “sword and skewer”, and strange “neither-goblins-nor-turtles” . Fights are not trivial and monotonous anymore. With time we even managed to draw enemies and drop them off into the abyss.
Besides, there often are situations, in which you will have to find a secret passage. For example, you will need to talk to the guard twice, after which, an additional platform appeared. That’s how we managed to get to a hidden place and find grain.
WotR-5The game is not a typicall one. It’s quite interesting, though. It will do great for lovers of fun and pixels. To be or not to be is up to you, but Way of the Red is able to make you lost in it for a couple evenings.