29.11.2016 Gameview

The Rake: Red Forest

Chernobyl catastrophy area is a place, where tourists and hunters come from all over the world. Some want to have an exotic vacation, others – to hunt mutant animals, gather strange green or reveal mysterious secrets. And today we came here to work, not to have a vacation. There apeared an urgent information from scientists. Rake has been found. Location – red forest.

Two years ago, scientists found an unknown creature of a new type. All attempts to catch it have failed. Soon, the scientist, who discovered the creature and studied it for the whole time, was found dead in his trailer. And then his colleagues have put a price on it’s head. At this very point, bounty hunters came. Including us. They even had to put up a tent with arms dealer. For we live in a civilized world, where everyone can get a shotgun if neccessary. On of such treasure hunters is our protagonist here, in The Rake: Red Forest.
2therakeDoesn’t it look like S.T.A.L.K.E.R? Not at all. There is nothing common here, except for the Red Forest. Same thing here for those who came for The Rake sequel. It was made by a completely different person.
5therake We appear in a house. No cutscenes or anything to introduce you to the game. Look around the room and notice the map. You can’t take it, by the way. Well, to be more exact, we can’t take anything in the room. Right behind the door we find our first phobia. A fear of the unknown. In the dark room we find a guy, sitting at the desk. He is in his 30’s, dressed in black sweater, cool blue trainers and a pink cap on the head. It turns out that he is the local “Sidorovich”. This shark of bussiness is ready to sell us good old AK-47, vintorez, a revolver, a shotgun and some explosives! And with them: detectors, scanners, health kits, a flashlight, a tablet and a lot of ammo. And even though we have only 1000$, we can buy everything! Probably, black friday.
4therakeAnother model of fashion is waiting for us at the entrance. This one is not interactive at all. Here starts the best thing. For about seven minutes we’ve been running around the exactly same forest with the same trees with a shotgun. All that time we are being eaten by the radiation. And we have no idea on how to use a medkit. There are no control settings. And the forest is usual.
2016-11-23 12.39.01It’s getting boring more and more. Atmosphere is boring, music is boring, monster is not here. After a couple more minutes of searching the area we find It. Both a hen and human, with zig-zagged legs. We made a shot form a shotgun and suddenly wanted to drop it and kill the moster with bare hands.
But we died.
From radiation.
2016-11-23 12.39.49Итого:
– Boring
– Horrible weapon sounds
– Houses are as dangerous, as the forest (no)
– Not a horror
– The game is one empty location
– 10 minutes of gameplay
+ A good Steam poster

Buy it if you want to. But don’t play it.