24.11.2016 News

Are you there, Conan?

Have you ever thought of what will happen if you mix Skyrim, Red Dead Redemption and Rust? Members of Funcom have.

ConanJanuary 31 Steam Early Access opens its doors to Conan Exiles, a survival in famous Conan the Barbarian world. PC and Xbox One owners will get inside the sandbox, where they will need to build their own house, unite with players and dominate.
So, how’s it different from Rust, 7 Days to Die and all that? Good question. The answer will appear somwhere near the release date. So far we can only listen to stories from the developers about Gods, Monsters (well, the trailer is pretty impressive indeed) and dungeons. Of course, we can’t forget about eating and drinking, but now it’s a second thing, finally!

Conan1People in Funcom seem to be very excited. The trailer is already telling us about huge plans coming from them. Last Conan MMO-game was pretty good, but couldn’t take punches from other mastadonts of the genre. Thankfully, survivals don’t have such great games and it’s enough to give a well-quiality product to have a commercial success.

Game features are really intriguing. here are the most interesting ones:
– Seamless world (sure)
– Ability to construct whole cities
– Opportunities to form states with other players
– War between these states
– Ability to create a personal army from enslaved criminals (say hello to lasso from Rockstar)
– And of course, the Conan universe itself

Looks interesting so far. Let’s see what we will have in the end of the day.