22.11.2016 Gameview

Dishonored 2 – we wanted to praise it, but it resists

Fall has come, “gloomy seals” crawl up in their blankets and give up to passive depression, sipping glogg together with tonns of novels. In the meantime, we’ve found an alternative in the eyes of being a part of an adventure Jules Verne style, with psychedelic notes.

Thankfully, today is a hightime for such a game. Dishonored 2 is a sequel for a famous stealth action by Arcane Studios with a mixture of magic and science, creating a futuristic picture of steam-punk. There still are secrets, lies, fighting for the throne and all this.
2016-11-18 09.32.16The sequel begins 15 years after the original game took place. At the memory day of the last Empress, Jessamnie, Delila, her bastard sister, tries to capture the throne and arrests our protagonists. Here players make their first choice – to pick a charachter whom we will play for the entire game. It’s either Corvo (nostalgia) or Emily (kind of a new gameplay). The story is the same for both of them.
2016-11-18 11.22.07 The game world is still unpredictable and mysterious, just like in the original game. here we can see a thin line of similarity with Thief. It’s the same atmosphere of sudden and madness, filled with magic and technologies on the edge of reality and fantasy. The world is the same incredible and interesting, with many paths and options to chose. At first it seems like all our actions will be linear, but soon enough the game makes us sweat a little to get some sweets. You’ve got to turn on imagination here.
2016-11-18 09.40.38 For example, to pass a burning wall of light, we have a lot of options – find another way, or take the fuel, or just use your powers. Sometimes it seems like there is a way just here, but… you’re wrong and start going in circles, trying to find the way out. And the opened window is not the one we need, we dare warn you.

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there are plenty of such situations in the game. Every step is to be thought through carefully. Don’t focus on only one thing or process. Try to enjoy everything. besides, the studying here, like notes, diaries, books and all that let you re-open the game, learn the story, find amulets. For example, the occasionally eavesdropped dialogue let us find a way into the necessary location. The world is not as open, as in some Dark Messiah, but it’s still full of events. The city is alive here – it reacts on your every action, it changes, creates new situations and opportunities. Local architecture makes you wonder, if you could find anything to touch or even enter in the city.

2016-11-18 09.37.34

Charachters and their history are thought through. Korvo Attano is a man, who deals through strength. His style is rough, but effective. Emily is short in action, but very agile and no less lethal. The protector can get into, for example, rat’s body to pass the location he needs. Emily can use Shadow to pass through guards.She is used to controlling people, so Domino ability lets her bind opponents’ destiny. It’s pretty oiginal and interesting to use. In his turn, Korvo can stop time. So, there are, basically, two options – stay with Korvo and play good old Dishonored, or try something new with Emily.
2016-11-18 09.42.06 Wonderful ability system allows players to be artistic, develop their own tastes. Plus, you can always either destroy all and everything or use stealth. All our skills are polished.
2016-11-18 09.48.13Well, story and design are mostly fine, but let’s get to another side of the coin: performance. Nasty surprise. Long story short, there is no such thing as optimization here. Graphic modes give you pretty much nothing in FPS difference. Well, the drawing distance becomes better, we have to give you that. But there still are seams on maps – we have to give you that too. By the way, we are talking about a PC version.

Dishonored 2 is mostly improved game with great storytelling and a huge variety of ways to complete it. Still some of the worst perfomance games this year. We’ve seen Mafia 3, Mankind Divided, NMS. And now this one is in the same line with them. Don’t rush buying it. Wait for all those DLC’s and patches. Maybe you will get a nice present for Christmas.