21.11.2016 Gameview

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What can one Chinese person do with some mud, a stick and an ability to code? A whole MMO retro style! Meet Stellar Stars – a multyplayer roguelike (not really) game with MOBA elements (not really too), flash-style made.

A few words about the developer of Stellar Stars, WhiteSponge(not a real name). It’s just one person, who’s been developing the game for whole six years, had a detailed blog on Youtube about the game (with noone there), where he described how he drew mobs in photoshop, wrote scripts, made code, added updates, recorded sound and music and invented multiplayer for his masterpiece. After he didn’t achieve fame, glory and money, WhiteSponge went to Steam Greenlight – a place, where everyone can find a supporter.
1_iceWorldBGThe official web-site boasts of good reviews in Steam society, but the real case is not so bright. Let’s see the real deal and rate Stellar Stars constructively.

“Come on, what is there to say about it in pixel games?”
A lot, really. There are many wonderful games, made in 8- and 16-bit style, like Punch Club, Hotline Miami and so on. Stellar Stars don’t have too much diversity in customization of both levels and NPC, as well as the charachter itself. Colors are blank and rough, combat visualisation makes you rub your eyes every couple of minutes.
1_tutorial_newNotifyOST (dangerous to liten in headphones!):
WhiteSponge didn’t have mercy to himself while making music, which is a small plus for him. OST is made in the same 8-bit style and doesn’t break any rules. But why isn’t there anything, but kind-of-like0weapon-shooting sounds in levels? Maps are boring enough, even if there was some music there. Now they are even more trivial.
Boooriiiing. Stellar Stars is basically, a usual platformer. Kill all mobs, get gold and experience, kill all mobs and so on. That is exactly why it’s no roguelike. Locations, randomly g
2_iceWorldBossGameplay (multiplayer):
Game supports both local and online multiplayer and has got five servers: the USA, Europe, Asia, Australia and Japan. Anyway, neither of them will give you a companion. People just don’t play the game.
What can be said for sure is that it’s no different from the solo mode. Well, except the fact that there will be five red blops instead of one. That’s a maximum for one level.
Enormous of them. The number of developers (one, just in case) can be taken into account. it’s a big game, after all. But in this case, projects shouldn’t be let out of the “green zone” in Steam.
– A strange black stripe at the bottom of the screen. Hides all lower platforms, shows up every two levels.
– Freezes. Task manager and reloading is needed.
– Clipping: sometimes, the loot gets stuck in the platform.
– Health bar is often missing
– Broken text on the screen after destroying the first boss.
These have been found after only an hour and a half of playing.
4_scrnShotTo sum up:
+ Procedure generation
+ Steam achivements

– Awful pixel graphics
– Overpriced product
– Procedure generation is a bigger disappointment that multiplayer
– All achivements can be reached in multiplayer game, which is empty

7_newBigTeethNo words can describe our disappointment.
Numbers are better: 2/10