14.11.2016 Gameview

Sure Dungeon Bros are super not good

It is a custom, that even if there is brotherhood connection in some games, it’s supposed to bind two of them. Super Dungeon Bros from React Games breaks all this and gives an opportunity to run through the dungeons for any of four brothers, dressed in PowerRangers style costumes.

React Games is a small company, which makes wonderful platformers for, usually, a small amount of money. Many major companies from DreamWorks and Disney to EA and Ubisoft have been their clients. Developers didn’t want to stop at iOS, Android, PC and Nintendo 3DS, so November 1, this year Super Dungeon Bros has been presented as a console xclusive first, and for PC later.
1 Super Dungeon Bros are good for the budget they’ve had. Even though it’s made as a platformer, the game has got some good action, one-way levels and level-up system of your bros. Unfortunately, levels are not really different.
The thing here is… What is the thing?

2The whole gameplay is based on killing monsters and taking gold from many chests, standing in every corner. You can spend it on upgrading you Bro in order to clear more dungeons and get more gold. The End.
3 At the end of every level, there is a boss. To kill him, you will require all cooperation you can have. As if you were real brothers. But if you find a second son, we can only feel sorry for you. The level will restart until you find friends, smarter ones. If you do good, you will definetly find some good stuff, like a skill point or something. If not… You’ll do better next time.
4Super Dungeon Bros was not met very warmly because of its unreadyness. Multiplayer issues, combat system disbalance, small amount of items, monotonous levels and traps and high over hills price for such a raw product. Instead of listening to the community, React Games prefer releasing soundtrack DLC’s.
6The game couldn’t do good for a multiplayer platformer. In singleplayer it’s unbelievably boring and makes you hate AI, playing with you. Combat system is raw. React Games worked well on visuals and sound, so they deserve a small pro, sinking in a sea of cons.