11.11.2016 Gameview

Infinite Call of Duty Warfare

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare is one more game from Infinity Ward, that is finally able to surprise players. All shooting mastadonts were released almost at the same time, so there is no way to avoid comparing.

Let’s start with the plot. It’s as plain, as it should be in nowadays military-shooter. However, at times we can even feel for charachters or actions in the screen. At least, we’ve learned how to look through the war-bravade here, so there shouldn’t be causing natural disasters in domestic surroundings.
6Well, it starts with logic: heirs of Earth inhabitants, who colonized Mars some time ago decide to fight over their “independence” and resources, by shortening Earth population. No how and why. Just because. You are one of the few remaining officers in Earth coalition army. Commandor Rehes – a pilot and the commandor of a space battleship afterwards.
1Same action takes place in Titanfall 2. First, our protagonist gets promoted due to a pilot’s death. Some time later, due to another officer’s death, he becomes the commender of the operation. The only difference is that Titanfall has got a more thought-through story, while Infinite Warfare appears to be ruined by the end. Actions of Rehes make so few sense, the story ends in an unpredictable way. The only justification to that is the fact, that he’s been a commanding officer for only one day.

But let’s switch to more pleasant moments. For example, one of the most remembering charachters in the game is, however strange it may sound, a bot, anmed E3M or Ethan, as he calls himself. He is alive and well, always keeps joking and kidding. It’s no surprise, that assures everyone, he’s got a brain of a farmer (no). The charachter, that makes you want to play the game.
BT from Titanfall 2 is interesting too, though. By the way, the funny fact is that both games are interesting with their robotic charachters, not humans. Even Kit Harington, playing the villain in new Call of Duty couldn’t save the day.

2You will be performing a lot of interesting diversions during the game, from stealing a secret weapon prototype, to destroying certain objects. Both main and secondary missions can be completed in improvised frequency. All that, together with epic battles in Space! We fought smaller enemy ships, captured bigger ones, blew them up and left them. The process of piloting is not at all difficult, though brings joy into our hearts. Secondary missions are also obligatory. Not by design, but because of their gameplay. They are easy and interesting to play. They are much shorter, than usual missions, but not less interesting. Seriously, it’s not some Assassin’s Creed with all these towers and additional kills. Here it goes like this – we select our gear, get to the destination point, get in, kill/free/capture/explode and leave. Takes 5 to 10 minutes.
Titanfall 2 is different here too. The gameplay is so monotonous, it becomes boring. Enemies are a bit too silly. Parhaps, Call of Duty decided to emphasise campaign, and Titanfall 2 story just prepares us to multiplayer. We all know that Call of Duty’s gameplay doesn’t change and everyone will be playing Modern Warfare remaster this year.
3 The game has got many comfortable gameplay features that became a great addition to the game. We can hack bots, control them and then – explode among enemies. Or we can use smart grenades that will find enemies and explode on them. Before we set off on every mission, we can select our weapons with all possible upgrades, grenades and starship equipment.
7The armory has got a lot of new weapons. And they make us bloodthursty smiling maniacs: all kinds of grenades, energetic shields and of course, two shooting modes for most weapons. The only shame is that we can’t take, for example both a sniper rifle and an assault rifle on the mission. There is difference between primary and secondary weapons. Well, it’s not such a big problem, because we can always get ourselves a gun we need during the mission. Whether it’s a bug or not, the game allows to do that.
4AI abilities react according to the difficulty level you’ve selected. Rooki levels will let you speedrun the game without any troubles at all. Officer level will make you use tacktics, corner enemies, flanke them and think in general. AI will do the same, be aware of that. They will make you waste ammo, play possum and run scared. They will supress and flank you.
5Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare has got some cons, but the game process doesn’t let you think about them. It’s a good “movie” for a day or two.