7.11.2016 Gameview

My Summer Car – From Finland with love

Nowadays, world of games is filled up with hundreds of all kinds of simulators. Everyone here can find something for them: from sport to Sims through Eouro Truck Simulator (Great game, by the way). We can try ourselves as a farmer of a pilot. The market is overwhelmed, so it extremely hard to do something worth trying, and even more – bying. However, a wonderful person from Finland, named Johannes Royola did it. The game went through a long way, burst into Steam Greenlight, gathered over 1500 positive reviews and got released in Early Access October 26, 2016.

The game welcomes us in early 90’s, in a Finnish village, to teach us how to make our own car. Well, the thing they take for a car here. Created from an empty space to the last screw starting from engine, oil, killing the annoying fly (the bad guy here) to troubles with the police. It’s a hard process, unachievable for most players already. Partly because the car mechanic’s work in hard and dangerous. And it never changes.
my_summer_car_build_172_2Here we find a true spirit of role-play. For 75% of players, tthe first hour here goes like this: “What a great morning, finally I can work on my car. But first we need to have some beer. Here you are, my beautiful, it’s high time to have another beer. That fly keeps buzzing around like nothing can stop her. Time to kill that thing with an empty beer bottle. If I can’t, I’ll just throw it into the basketball hoop. Another terorrist calling my phone. Again? Time for a little drunk drive to the city (usually, until the first turn)”.

There are some things to do here. An interesting and thorough car creating can dig in both experienced car lovers and interested pedestrians for at least 3-4 hours. he internet is already full of detailed instrucktions of how to create a car.
My-Summer-Car-2016-05-02-11-22-00-359 And don’t forget to eat sausages and drink beer while making a car! And to visit the Jericho and have some rest in the sauna. It’s a survival game! So easy to die here!

You can try your “trabant” on country roads on your way to the city. And it’s a long way. In the city, there is a car workshop, where you can check your beloved one and get the license plate if the inspector think it’s fine. He will break the bottom with a screwdriver, but fear not – it works the same in Battlefield. Don’t forget that all shops are closed at nights. Come later!

Crates_in_canThe game has its cons, to be honest. First and foremost, Sergeant McGraphics has never been here. Bad news for Full HD lovers. And second, the game is supported only on English and Finnish, but if you are reading this, it’s probably fine for you. According to the developer, My Summer Car is not a hardcore car mechanic simulator. It’s a game with a soul for those, who work hard, so they can play it and smile a little bit. No more spoilers, go for it!

P.S. For comfortable playing, turn on your favorite music and show your middle finger if something goes wrong. Swear in Finnish. You can do that here. And if you are a father, who wants to teach his 14 year old son how to handle a car, think thrice. The game is rated mature.