26.10.2016 News

Evolve is gone

Misery loves company. As much as we’ve found out that Uwe Boll is leaving movie industry, the multiplayer saga about hunting monsters is about to die slowly. Turtle Rock Studios posted a letter to fans on their forum, where it’s said that soon they will officially stop supporting Evolve Stage 2

Things have not been going great for this game this year. Players started to leave it by hundreds. The reason for that was unfair balance system, between original weapons and heroes and the ones, bought throu many DLC’s. As a result, the win did not depend on cooperation or mastership, as designed, but money. At the critical point drop of online players, crucial moment began. The game was reliased in Steam as Evolve Stage 2 – a free-to-play shooter. Transfer of payment systems is always an important step for publishers. The marvel occured, and players came back to slice a couple more monsters. Or hunters.

About two months passed since then and something apparently went wrong, as the game is not supported anymore. That’s a shame, because Evolve has been an interesting project in terms of gameplay. On some reasons, it became less successful, than another game of the studio – Left4Dead. As developers themselves say: “It looks like some things are not supposed to happen.” We wish Turtle Rock Studios all the success in game development field, financial independace and even more AAA-projects.

Evolve Stage 2 servers will continue working for an uncertain amount of time.