25.10.2016 News

Coffee break trailers

Get comfortable, sip a coffee and relax. We brought you a lot of new trailers to watch.

This one is an appetizer. A cute launch video of Titanfall 2. There is no gameplay, though it’s still melodical and beautiful.

Each day brings San Francisco closer and closer. It will be November next week, which means it’s not far from Watch Dogs 2. The video here is a mixture of the plot, game world story and of what-to-do in the open world here.

How much more? We don’t know about you, but as for us, we don’t like this waiting. The first episode of Batman The Telltale Series  was released back on August 2. Now it’s October 25 and there is the third one. Two more to come! Can’t wait for the complete edition to dive into the world at once. 

Another interesting video, that explains how the scaring technique works in VR. Reminds of the “Shinihg” a bit. 

Bethesda brought to light another CG-trailer with live action, who played real gameplay feature, that we will be able to experience in Dishonored 2.