20.10.2016 Gameview

Here They Lie. Trully scaring virtual reality

Here They Lie is a grim horror game by Tangeltemen studio, one of the first projects for Playstation VR. It became available the same day the devices got into the market, October 13.

Here they Lie_1Here They Lie is darkness, grim and fear. Here we go through the darkest suburbs and wee people with masks instead of their faces. There is a thin line between reality and madness: feeling taste of grime, burning fingertips and inhaling ashes.
Here they Lie_5Have we really seen HIM? Or was it an illusion? A shadow? We haven’t slept for a long time and the more this continues, the closer HE is to us. So close, the wail would be enough. And to scare HIM away he has to be closer. Just a bit more. Need to find protection symbols, banish him fro my head or…
Here they Lie_2 Bones crackle under the feet. Someone’s watching. Reflection. Whom does it belong? We need to find Dana. Is this her dress in the fog? Or maybe it’s a ghost, caused by madness? Either way, it’s calmimg…
Here they Lie_3The charisma here is based on black and white visuals. Periodical waves of terror that we experience here are great for the genre. Sometimes it makes us stare into dark emptiness. The abyss of madness.
Here they Lie_4The game is exclusively available for PS4 with VR support, The price is not too big for those who already allowed themselves the console with VR glasses.