19.10.2016 Gameview

Gameview: Manual Samuel

What happens if our body refuses to perform casual actions, that we never even think about in our daily routine? Perfectly Paranormal is trying to answer this question in Maual Samuel.

Manual Samuel 4 In the game we will take control over once rich and spoiled Samuel. One day he got hit by a truck and got to hell. There he has to work, though it’s something our protagonist is not used to at all. Standing in a line to work choice we meet Death, who offers us a deal, on which we will have to live for one day, controlling our entire body manually. If we can live through that day, we will get back to the life we used to have.
Manual Samuel Tha game is a 2D side-scroller, divided into main daily actions. No kidding, we will have to controll Samuel’s hands, legs, eyes, breath and spine. For each action, there is a certain key and we will have to perform a good hand flexibility to pass all game levels. It’s hell of a job, we dare admitt.
The eye and breath controll will stay unchanged throughout the game. if we don’t breathe, we die. If we stop blinking, the screen will get too bright. Long story short, most mistakes will lead to meeting our old friend.

The controlls are easy to remember, but some parts of it chaange from one level to another. For example, at the beginning of the game we have our typicall morning routine, but the time we get up, we fall with legs wide open (that must hurt), bending backwards once again. That was us, forgetting to keep the balance. All this time, we also need to blink and breathe. Finally, when we get to the bathroom and take a toothbrush (don’t forget to keep holding it), we start brushing our teeth, take a breath and… Start choking, as we had a mouth full of water. If constant spine-breaking is a trouble for you, better leave the game for a while. Next time they change the controlls, because we are driving in a car. This variety brings a pleasant difficulty into the game. If it gets too hard, we can also call a friend, so each of us will controll half of the body.

Manual Samuel_1
As a result, Manual Samuel is a game with cute graphics and good sound. Both gameplay and story are based on sarcasm and humor. A good choice to keep yourself entertained for a few evenings and thinking over how many actions we make without a single thought. Like switching feet while walking. The game is quite forth it’s money.