18.10.2016 News

Youtube on Tuesday

It’s Tuesday and we have some videos for you!

An increadibly beautiful trailer, devoted to Civilizaiton VI release (October 21!). Our protagonists walk through centuries: from dark ages to era of space flights. Each of them cherishes the memories they both cary with photos.

Blooming blur degradation is here! Picterous, open but so blurry world is shown in Final Fantasy XV Official Open World trailer. And it would all be good if the video wasn’t looking like a speed slide-show looking from the eyes of a man with bad sight and no glasses. Even people in cafe make almost no movement with day and night change. Square Enix, if you are reading this, please tell us, what’s up with all this? Looks scary after last Deus Ex optimization.

Japanese channel with a hard-to-read name has a video of a game, called Berserk and the Band of the Hawk, which is to be released soon. Unpack your PS Vita and dust off PS3! The game will come to Europe in February.

And the delicious one is for the latter. Polygon has published a video with 100 minutes of Tyrany, which is a new game by Obsidian Entertainment. Without further ado, enjoy.