17.10.2016 Gameview

Gameview #10

A for Anniversary! Yes, our Gameview is 10 editions old! It seems like just yesterday we were sitting around, thinking of the name and the introduction and now is our first birthday! During this time we’ve told our readers of a whole bunch of small, but very cute games, and even a few major ones, like Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, Recore and recent Mafia III. We’re unstoppable and this week we will talk about Manual Samuel, Here They Lie and Shadow Warrior 2.

Here They Lie is an experimental psychologiccal horror game by The Tangentlemen studios for PS4 with VR support. It’s pecularity is the fact that charachters in the game wear anomal masks. Just watch the teaser. It will set you free from a thousand questions.

In Manual Samuel The protagonist is making a pact with Death, according to which, he will have to live for 24 hours without any interferrance from above. This means that all actions of our charachter are to be controlled manually. We will definately try it and tell you if it’s as easy as it seems or not.

Our special agent is already out of cover in Mafia III and set to swing saw-swords (not to be taken for saw-guns) in Shadow Warrior 2 – the sequel for a co-op game, released 3 years ago. And yes, they have rebbits there. We’ve checked that.