14.10.2016 Gameview

Gameview: Clockwork

Clockwork is a game, where life and everything else happens in a giant mechanical city of Watchtower. It’s a story of two children, who tried to change the imperfect world around them. The story takes place when Atto’s pocket watch started to talk and introduced itself as Milli. Our charachters obtained a new goal, investigate the city, control time and fight bosses sooner or later.

Clockworks_7The game has got over 60 levels on the streets of Watchtower, unique gameplay with time control and lots of puzzles. All suroundings has been hand-made in steampunk style, with stunning animation.
Clockworks_4Вы можете выбрать, за кого хотите изучать и противостоять улицам Вотчтауера:

Atto was only eight years old, whe his body was turned into steel. He doesn’t remember what happened before that. The only thing he knows is that someone gave him beautiful pocket watch and that he is always eager to fix things.

Milli is a result of a mechanical genius. She knows all details of how the city of Watchtower works. Nad what’s most important, how time itslef works. What she doesn’t know is where she is from. She is certain that her destiny is some great purpose.

Clockworks_2 The story of Watchtower lies on the ruins of past destroyed world. The city is over four centuries old and noone remembers how it was built. There only are rumors of times of plague and starvation, when people feared the weakness of flesh so much, they’ ve made a decision to live in steel bodies, which can get rusty or break, but intend eternal life without disease. Ever since, they have been crossing out days, waiting for the city to turn into ruins again.
Clockworks_1 The game is already out for PC and still to be released for PS4, XboxONE, Android and iOS.