13.10.2016 News

What is Project Genom?

Yesterday NeuronHaze company released their game Project Genom in Steam Early Access. Looks so interesting, we wanted to find out more and now we are happy to share it.

Let’s start with the studio. NeuronHaze is a team of developers from Russia. It’s workers used to be occupied in such projects, as: Allods Online, PANZAR: Forged by Chaos, board strategy-game Berserk, Juggernaut and many other games. It’s not a big team, but quite an experienced one.

The shortest description of Project Genom is a MMORPG, that looks like Mass Effect, in a good way. Quite ambitious. Non-target combat system, huge skill tree, cute design – all that looks at least interesting.
Work is going open to the publicity. Anyone, who knows Russian good enough, can watch it here. The trailer shows us a whole bunch of transport, mechs, weapons for close and ranged combat. Avalon planet looks just lime developers of No Man’s Sky promised for each of their quintillions of planets: beautiful, with various representatives of flora and fauna.

There are not many problems, but among them we can outline lack of cover system (this may be either in development or just not be presented in the video), grainy visuals and the price. The price may be too high. It’s no surprise, that people, who purchase Gold Avalon Pack will even get to appear in credits.

Talking about quests and bugs is useless yet. The game is in Early Access and we all know, that even singleplayer projects can stay there for years. NeuroHaze promise us multiple planets, terraforming, destructible world. Currently, Steam can change this. We only hope, that the development won’t die and we will remember the game soon.