6.10.2016 News

Gameview: Butcher

Another oldschool game here. Butcher is a 2D shooter by Transhuman Design. It will make you go through rivers of blood and feel like a natural-born killer, which is pretty natural for the game story.

You will dive into the atmosphere of desperation and inevitability, in the world survived the apocalypse, where people try not to die. Die from your hands. Well, the hands of a cyborg you are. And you are programmed to kill everything that breathes. Many friends will help you in cleaning locations like undeground hideouts, destroyed cities and jungles. Those friend will be: saws, shotguns, grenade launchers, guns and many other killing devices.

Byt don’t forget about caution. In this hardcore, bloodthursty game we can find hundreds of variants of death. The game motto is “Hard mode is the easiest”.
For comfortable play on 16:9 screens one should pick a 1600×900 resolution. Eyes won’t get tired so much, comparing to 1980×1080. Owners of 4×3 descktops should use 1280×720. These 4:3 things led a couple of our testers to a comatose. Take cere of your eyes.

Butcher is not a game for those with weak hearts. More like for secret maniacs and sadists. But if you’re tired of “life issues” at work, school or family, this bloodbath will do great to let off steam. The only thing is, it could’ve been cheaper for such a game.