3.10.2016 News

Few things to watch on Monday

Monday is high-time to enjoy a few more trailers. Without further ado, let’s get to it!

Last week EA showed youtube a storymode video of Titanfall 2. It shows and tells the story about a pilot of Frontier. Interesting and touching CGI. Touches the heart. Just don’t expect the game to be the same.

Aren’t you tired of dozens of trailers of Mafia III yet? No? Great news, then! we have another one, in which our friend from CIA tells the jury how Lincoln Klay used to approach killing enemies. Other videos of the series you can find here.

At first, we wanted to show a story trailer of Battlefield 1, but we stumbled across 12-minutes gameplay video of the campaign. Apparently, instead of loading the save game, death will lead us to changing the charachter. A brave machinegunner starts shooting Germans, he’s surrounded. He takes his Colt, shoots, a stray bullet finds his head. He falls… Name, date: 1899-1918… At this moment you realize that we were not just running around as an immortal specops fighter, though were a 19 year old little fella, who didn’t even have time to enjoy all pleasures of life. That’s where it became sad.