29.09.2016 News

Gameview: Office Freakout

Here we have Office Freakout – a comedy action-shooter game. The developers here are playing with typical situations for shooter where you would break in an office building and shoot it’s locals. Soon, the boss calls for police with SWAT and you will turn into a victim. Locations hide many secrets, from artefacts to easter eggs. Finding all of them in one walkthrough is impossible, so it’s worth launching the game another time.

The main character is Philbert. He’s an office worker, who got sick of every day routine, all these reports and data inputs. He shed blood, sweat and tears here. He gave himself in to this soul-sucking business succubus… And now he’s fired. Pure hatred is blinding him, rage is about to break free. All that is left to do is to show office monkies what asset-takeover means.

The game is for those who is tired of working in the office and taking orders from other people. Let go your steam and rage, find a hateful solution, by destroying and shooting every single detail in this office. Gain RAGE by hitting stuff and staff and watch your hands turn red.

The game is in for Steam for 4 USD.

9 mad monkeys out of 10!