27.09.2016 News

Gameview: Talewind

September 23, WindLimit independent studio prelease Talewind. It’s an arcade platformer, like classic Super Mario, Sonic or Rayman and then drawn by hand in a way of Ghibli studio cartoons.


We are to play for a plain country fella, living at the bottom of mountains. Strong winds used to blow from these mountains and thus the village had the power supply. But one day, winds stopped blowing and the reason of that is what our protagonist is about to find out by climbing these mountains up. Game mechanics is based on interaction with air: we can jump, slide and go through air tunnels to travel among game levels.

There are 5 of these levels. Quite various and colorful, with a boss in the end. To pass each of them, players a given 15 lives and if we waste them all, we will have to start the game all over again. The mojo here is the moderate difficulty, that doesn’t bore us in multiple repetitions of level-passing. The game literally makes us to explore it. Here we can find crystals and stones, developing the story, but there are so many paths that we can’t find them all at once.

Various enemies will be waiting at most uncomfortable places. Fights are usually rapid. One hit – one death. However, bosses are difficult and dangerous. To kill them, we need to hit a lot and hard. Many lives were wasted on the second boss, who used to throw many tentacles everywhere and jump sideways, like that Dark Souls.


Talewind is a beautiful platformer. Levels are relatively easy, though bosses forgive no mistakes. Considering the moderate prise, it’s money well spent for those who want to have a funny couple of evenings.