26.09.2016 News

Monday trailers

Monday is a hard day. One has to start it either at lunch-time or with something interesting to watch. And today we have just something useful for you. No, it’s not lunch.

For those who miss Mafia III gameplay! The walkthrough mixes up cutouts from previous videos with gameplay action from one of the missions, which seemed a bit short to us. Here you can find out if your PC is ready for the game or not.

Remedy is here to give us a new delicious trailer of Quantum Break that is about to be released September 29 in Steam. Good news is, now you don’t need to have Windows 10 installed. Windows 7 x64 should be enough.

Developers of Injustice 2 streamed their game a little and told about key-features of the game. More moves, beautiful change of locaion levels, new charachters (Atrocitus is simply the best) and, what’s most important, now we get new gear for a charachter after each fight. This will increase their stats and create a unique appearance.


A gorgeous tale, named Forgotten Anne now has an intriguing teaser. ThroughLine Games are the developers from Denmark and Square Enix Collective are represented as publishers, which brings hope.