21.09.2016 News

Trailers for today

At a cup of coffee, in a subway or at lunch, there always is time for a few fresh game trailers. That’s why we decided to collect them all together, so you won’t have to go through a pile of news.

IO Interactive showed their new video for the upcoming episode 5 of Hitman. It’s no secret for people familiar with the game that the developers switched to a “series” propagation model (say hello to Telltale games, we are longing for endings). There will be a special edition in January that will collect all episodes in one piece. Camera can be moved in the video.

Bungie released a new DLC for their great game. Destiny: Rise of Iron gives us a lot of everything, as usual. New weapons, campaign, reids. We can’t wait until weekends already!

Get ready to kill nazi again. Sniper Elite 4 revealed a new gameplay video. It’s going to be funny, stabbing the brain through the helmet. Fortunately or not, February 14 we will be playing For Honor, but the moment we are tired of vikings, samurai and knights, we will definately go to Italy!