19.09.2016 Testing games

Another day of a tester

Going to work on a Monday morning, Misha was in a perfect mood. Well, of course! He had a good time on weekends, slept well, went to a cinema with a girlfriend, ordered a few parts for his bycicle, brewed a little (it’s a secret, but he has a hobby like that). Long story short, he did everything he wanted. Except for going through a new album by one of many music band he liked. As he was walking, he thought he would listen it at work.

And here is the dearest office. Lock beeping, stairs, coatroom. Backpack goes on the hanger, lunch – to the fridge. Misha came early and the office is almost empty. His branch was empty either. He turned on all computers (it’s a custom), sat at the desk, put his old sennheisers on and was about to enjoy music, but Windows 10 began to upload another updates. Misha knew it will take long, so he decided to make himself coffee and have a smoke. He and his colleague were trying to give up for months, but just couldn’t make it yet.

All this routine took for about ten minutes. By then, other guys came. He preferred headphones to a talk. Teamlead was running late, which means that he has time to finally get acquainted with the album.

Just as the intro ended, teamlead walked in. “Good morning, everyone – he said it and shook hands with Misha – hey, Petrovich”. Misha has been called by his patronymic name lately and he liked it, even though he grumbled from time to time. “Update your builds, get ready for acceptance” – as usual, teamlead talked to the developers on weekends and he knew that fresh versions were already waiting for us since Sunday evening.tester3

Petrovich felt sad a little, because it meant music would have to wait. Acceptance testing is sacred for a tester. We do all tests carefully, as any kind of testing takes responsibility. Even attachments are to be thought trough. However, acceptance is different. It demands maximum concentration, so we won’t miss anything. No jokes, stories, music or anything. Just the game and documents.

One tester went to check on iMac, another was sent to Linux. Others got to co-op mode. Of course, Misha wouldn’t even think of music. Playing co-op without live speach is possible, but noone would even think of it.

This took the whole way to the lunch-time. Most critical issues were fixed, some of them were changed and demanded other steps to reproduce them. Petrovich took his last notes into his work notepad and went for a lunch. Microwaves had lines, as usual, so he decided not to warm up his food, so he could play World of Tanks for a bit longer. Thankfully, he had a vegetarian lunch.

Lunch time is the spare time when everybody do what they want. Ones sleep on couches, others play board games or anything else on the work-computer. It’s okay to do that even after work. One can stay and play for as long, as they want. Petrovich preferred World of Tanks or sleeping. Two of his colleagues played Paragon, teamlead went through Dishonored again and the guy next to hin red news.

Tanks didn’t go so well today. One death after another. Petrovich was starting to feel sad about it, so he was happy to see the end of the lunch-break. All they had to do for the acceptance was PvP mode.tester2

Everybody loves PvP. Usualy, they play a few sessions without paying attention to bugs, or even using them for their own profit (noteworthy the fact that they put everything down during the loading). Now was the time to come back from loses in tanks. Petrovich was the first in the list of kills, and even got one of his colleagues swearing as he picked her for killing on purpose. Words that may appear in the room are not to be mentioned. It’s a competition, so things happen.

After a couple hours of PvP, came an hour to finish build acceptance. Teamlead got to the report and testers got some kind of spare time. They all went to play PvP, trying to reproduce a rere issue. Finally, Misha was able to play his music. He had some time to relax. Well, not relax at all, as he reported half a dozen of fresh bugs, read the bolg and created a to-do list for tomorrow.

He was satisfied after work. He managed to listen to a new album, which was good by the way, finished the acceptance, delivered new bugs and played some good PvP. After work he went to the post-office. Jeans from the USA arrived.

It was one of another 985 days at work. For almost three years he has been working as a tester half of which he was senior.