16.09.2016 News

Escape from Tarkov gameplay

Battlestate Games presented a new gameplay video of  Escape from Tarkov. The game is using features from their browser unity-based game Contact Wars.

The game is a story-based MMO-shooter with RPG elements. According to the developers, key features of the game are detailed customization of weapons and realistic shooting sound, ballistics and general behavior of weapons.

The story takes place in “Russia 2028” universe, that was brought to world by Contract Wars. Player finds himself on an isolated area torn apart by a war between BEAR and USEC foarmations. There also are so-called “Wilds” who are the same thing, as bandits from STALKER. Dynamic lighting, system of injures and exaustion look intriguing indeed. But will developers manage to keep the balance between realism and comfort of playing?